Long House Fire Photo

Sent to me by Tom Deyerle. He lives directly across the canyon and above the Long House, so he got an incredible view of the entire fire from start to finish. Thanks, Tom for sharing!

Long House Fire by Tom Deyerle

Here is a second one Tom took, one of the last.

Long House Fire #2 by Tom Deyerle

6 thoughts on “Long House Fire Photo

  1. Such a sad loss, I feel for the owners, but glad they got out safely. Fortunately it didn’t turn into a full-fledge fire, which would have been an
    even greater disaster.

  2. Love your new photo banner Kate. The Douglas coastal iris are always the first bulb to bloom and herald spring.

  3. Oh wow, burning in March. I understand it was from a structure but still the vegetation looks almost burnable.
    I like the header image as well Kate. Great contrast to the black background theme.

  4. I am so sorry too and I’m so glad everyone got out safely. I like the new banner on the blog too!

  5. I just got off the phone with the Cal Fire investigator. The official cause is arcing wires above an old debris pile dropping hot sparks in high winds.

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