Happy St. Paddy’s Day Weather, 2012

7:30 pm – the snow has finally accumulated but it is too dark to get a decent photo. If it keeps up, I’ll be sure to post one in the morning.

4:00 pm – seems to be a break in the weather. The sky is lighter, it isn’t raining or snowing, but there is still wind. Snow still accumulated on my Jeep, and north-facing areas, but the rest is pretty much clear.

2:00 pm – the snow started in earnest, and accumulation is occurring. Wind is up to 25 mph, gusting above that, outside temperature is 33 degrees. The snow flakes are quarter-sized to half-dollar sized, now. Maybe before dark, I can get a really nice photo. But here is a 2 o’clock shot. Wow, now at 2:30 pm, it is really coming down. Tomorrow morning should be spectacular, if not later this afternoon!

Noon – finally, all my morning chores are done and I am settled in for the day. While I was out, taking care of power, it started slushing – combination of rain and snow. Thank goodness I had put on this hooded rain jacket the wonderful guys at NOAA in Monterey had given me, and the wool gloves and hat I got in New Zealand.

This is my favorite spot in the house, today or any cold day. My friend Vilia (click on her name to go to her personal website) found that wonderful old oak rocking chair for me, and it is getting a lot of use lately!

It just might be time to get my book and sit in front of the fire for a while.

10:00 am – First, lots of comments coming in on the photo contest finalists below, so make sure to add your voice.

Second, it looks like I got about 3 and 1/2 inches of rain yesterday and last night – I’ll update this later, when I go outside to dump the gauge, as I am going on a visual from the front door right now.

Third, I had the beginnings of snow when I checked at 9:30 am, and then again at 10:00 am. I’ll be watching for the accumulation, of course, but that hasn’t really began, yet.

Last, I am trying to get my fire going, having some coffee, and then I’ll be braving the elements to get the genie started for the day (cant wait to install solar) so I can get internet more reliably and report as needed throughout the day. I checked the CHP site, and no reports of problems on Highway One in Big Sur, although one problem in Santa Cruz and one in King City. I’ll keep an eye out once my chores are finished. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, everyone, and be safe and warm. Now to get the wood stove stoked up a tad.

3 thoughts on “Happy St. Paddy’s Day Weather, 2012

  1. It’s 2pm, and the storm rages on, as it has done all night. Yesterday evening, I drove back from San Lucas, and the storm came in with buffeting southerly winds. I opted to take the longer Cambria route, rather than the Nacimiento Road option. Glad I did. From Paso, on, There was the nasty combination of car-jolting gusts, blinding rain, thick road fog, hydroplaning wheels, and, from Ragged Point on, multitudes of those wicked tire-slashing sharp shale rocks EVERYWHERE! Seemed that there was a slide of those types of rocks every quarter mile! Had to creep like a snail. I saw those who didn’t, on the side of the road with flat tires. Upon reaching home, I thanked the Good Lord for safe deliverance. This storm is Sur-10-ly the “big one” for the year!

  2. Yup,
    Guess when I retire and get old, I Sur should. I have so many stories from all the 20+ years with the fishin’ dory fleet…the adventures, the crash launches and landings, the whales that come up and look me in the eye from inches away, the cruising white sharks, the boulders, gale windstorms (and I am too stubborn to go in), massive waves, lightning bolts, the monster fish, secret jade stashes. And yes…everything else Big Sur. What a life, what a river of adventures. Some day, I’ll get the pen out and commence to write it all down!

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