March 2012 Photo Contest Finalists

Here they are, my picks for the top six. (I tried to limit it to five, and could not.) Please, take a few minutes, look at all of them, and write a comment about which you like best. If you can, share why you like it best and why you think it deserves to be my new header.







Well, I missed it, but sometime today, this blog got its 500,000th visit. Thanks all of you for your support and encouragement.

28 thoughts on “March 2012 Photo Contest Finalists

  1. I vote for number three, the Adventurer and the Pacific, but I don’t find a button to click on it or below.
    Wonderful all of them, very Big Sur and typically moving. But this one says it most: that thrill of discovery is in it; the me-and-wilderness; the fine solitude and Americana; and most of all the exquisite answer to wondering what’s over that next hill and the reason for going to find out.

  2. P. S. I love the special header for St. Patrick’s Day. My grandfather on my mother’s side was born on St Patrick’s Day

  3. St. Patrick’s Day banner is a fine thought. Like it.

    Any of the contest pictures, or all in rotation, would be a fine header.
    Evergreens in the fog is unusual, though it could represent locations other than Big Sur. It makes one ponder, and therefore has depth to it.
    Little Sur River Basin from Strawberry Point is my top pick. Multiple photo ops in that general location.
    Adventurer in splendor is another top pick. Mysterious, too: is he peeing or not? It doesn’t matter- look at the Pacific and those green ridges!
    Spring lupin, can’t go wrong. Natures seasonal colors.
    Sunny side up. Outstanding and quick camera work. Outstanding photo.
    Whale migration.Rare opportunity captured.

  4. I love that one with the hiker standing on the ridge line! Makes me feel like I could make it there too. Love love love it.

  5. I love the feeling of walking up to the top, and just looking to see what is. To stand there alone, and wonder what the day will bring.
    they are all good, and whatever gets chosen will be wonderful

  6. All great images and hard to choose, but I like the dolphins. I have heard of them surfing in the waves, the inspiration of all surfers, but I have never really gotten a good look, so this one is about as close as I’ll ever get. Thank you for posting it.

  7. some very good choices here, since I can’t vote for all of them, I vote for number one, mysterious, it beckons to the variety that Big Sur is to me.

    Jane, Santa Cruz

  8. no. 1 is the view most residents know better than visitors
    no. 2 is more the view the outside world knows and
    no. 4 is what i miss about Cali Spring.

  9. I vote for number 1. I’m not a resident, but I’ve been coming to Big Sur every year – more when possible – for nearly 2 decades, and my head seems to be there at some point on any given day. While what I most love is the clarity of the light, over the years I have come to love the mists as well, and this is a very beautiful, spacious, contemplative picture which would make me think immediately of Big Sur.

  10. the dolphins……… absolutely unique… like your blog and big sur. a gift to all you see it. thanks to whoever took it. Anne

  11. All the photos are wonderful and agree with wally”cats that rotating them would be perfect.
    Luv your blod.

  12. # 2 says Big Sur to me. However all of them do for those of us who have been to Heaven..But #2 says it best in my mind for those knocking on Heavens Door wishing for an escape here on earth however for a short time from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Makes me want to take a walk in solitude and peace.. Glad Im not the one choosing the winner. Huggs Kate..<3 from the south coast.

  13. Awesome, Kate. You out did yourself with this. Love seeing shared photos of our coast.

  14. I appreciate the hiker in the foreground. This pic. gets my vote hands down. As an amateur photographer with a digital camera, I take many pictures along the road – like the one of the Little Sir River. It is a fine photo, but a common photo, that has been cropped…the ridge shot has my vote because it was not taken from the road!!! Getting off the road is getting into Big Sur (IMHO).

  15. I love them all! But, I will go for #2. I’ve seen so many of these scenes myself. I was going to enter the contest, but didn’t get my picture in before the deadline. Maybe next time……..

  16. I vote for the rotation idea. All the pictures speak to the wide variety of weather we see, day in & day out. I personally love to watch the fog rolling in from the coast, telling us to slow down & count our blessings.
    Blessing # 1 is having BigSurKate to depend on when we need her the most.

  17. Photo #6 is a group of what is called oceanic dolphins, which are also known as Orca whales, or killer whales. They are black on the top with patches of white beneath heads and bellies. They are known to have no predators. They will prey on seals, sea lions, walruses, and even larger whales.
    Though they pass the Big Sur coast on their migrations, they will usually not interact with humans, except in captivity situations.
    So, they are part of nature on the coast, but not so obvious to people as they are seldom scene.
    They travel in social groups.
    A photo of them is not an easy task, so it is probably a more special photo then one might consider, at first glance.

  18. Gee Gosh , there are us North Coasters and There Are The South Coasters ,,,, When the South Coasters Go North and We North Coasters also go North , We Always See Little Sur River , during our brief passing ! Little Sur River is unpredictable , as too when it will allow it’s lagoon to flood , and be “lake like” and of course navigativable to kayakers ,,, a chance for that I missed , but her entrance and Lagoon , was still a reach for a Kodak Moment .
    T Y , Kate ,,, Douglas in Singapore

  19. The one with the hiker, because it puts the human experience right there in context with the great and wild Big Sur coast.

  20. Oh sorry, my comment. Number three shows the scale of the Big Sur Coast. This is really a Conde Naste quality image that invites the viewer to want to jump in and go for a hike.
    The rest are wonderful, all would be proper banners for the blog.

  21. I say #3 as well. They are all so beautiful, what talent in the photo world.

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