As I said a day or two ago, these are probably the last announcements to go on the front page, and I’ve already started to post USFS press releases on that page, and announcements, while they might be mentioned here, will shortly all go to the announcement page to the right. This happens every year when we get into spring and more and more events are planned. But these two deserve mentioning.

Celebrate the coming of Earth Day in Big Sur with dinner and a great movie, Thursday, April 5 at 6:30pm.
Members of B-SAGE (Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment), who’s mission is to “Educate ourselves and others on living a sustainable lifestyle,” and the Big Sur Grange are showing the Hope Dance film, 2012: A Time for Change on Thursday, April 5, at the Big Sur Grange in Big Sur Valley. This film’s theme; From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions, presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom and will be introduced by Bob Banner, founder of Hope Dance Films.
The monthly Grange potluck will be at 6:30 p.m. Bring a dish to share and your own place setting. The movie will start at 7:00 and a $10.00 donation is requested for the movie, however no one will be turned away. Come out to visit and enjoy this intriguing movie.
Also, on April 21st and 22nd, Big Sur businesses and organizations will be offering special promotions and profiling their sustainable practices for the Earth Day Weekend Celebration. Watch local media outlets for more information, contact B-SAGE at: or phone 831.667.8823.
Dinner and a great movie-Thursday, April 5, 2012. Potluck dinner at Big Sur Grange, Hwy 1, Big Sur, 6:30. Movie at 7:00. $10.00.
From Pacific Valley School PTO:
If you know anyone that would be interested in signing up for a booth space please forward this to them.
This years’ Spring Tide Arts and Crafts Festival will be held April 21, 2012. 10 am to 6 pm
Vendor set-up will be from 8 am to 10 am the day of the event.

The Festival is sponsored by the Pacific Valley Parent Teacher Organization and held outdoors at Pacific Valley School. This years proceeds will fund a grant to be awarded to Scholar/Athletes Fiona and Lily Buzzard to further their volleyball education and activities.

Registration fees to reserve a 10’ x 10’ space are $50 before April 12. Fees will increase to $65 the week prior to the event.

Checks should be made out to Pacific Valley PTO and mailed to:

Spring Tide Festival
HC 67 BOX 1796
Big Sur, CA 93920 … or hand delivered to the school office

Any questions should be directed to

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  1. Hey! A cool surprise to see my watercolor posted. And, here is more news about the great weekend we have planned at Pacific Valley School for the weekend of April 21-22. It should be awesome…see ya there!
    Mark your calendars for a big weekend of fun, music, food, and entertainment in Big Sur! On the weekend of April 21th and 22nd, Pacific Valley School will be hosting three combined events for the pleasure of all who want to take the scenic drive down the coast, get away from the urban humdrum of town, and experience these special celebrations, Big Sur style:

    The first event, “The Spring Tide Arts and Crafts Festival” will be a day of friendly family fun, sponsored by the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), will be held on Saturday, April 21, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It will feature fabulous music performances, including such great groups as The Zongo Allstars, delicious home-cooked food, and arts and crafts booths featuring local handmade items, crafted by our own students (even the Preschoolers!), parents, staff, talented community members, and more! Other features will be interactive arts activities, including the “Recycled Handmade Paper Extravaganza” (directed by “Captain Lingcod!”), where you will get to grind up old paper in a blender, and sculpt it into a new work of art! You’ll get to paint it with brilliant colors, using a wild watercolor technique, called “paint bombs”, and finally, embed your work of art with seeds. In due time, the work of art may be planted into the Earth to regenerate new trees, completing an eternal environmental resource cycle! Another exciting environmental extravaganza, will be our Monarch Butterfly activities booth, where you will enjoy interactive activities, in which you will learn all about this valuable local native pollinator, which resides in substantial numbers at our site, much like the famous Pacific Grove Butterfly Trees. Or, maybe, you will simply wish to relax on our school lawn in the sun, listen (or dance) to the music performances, and dine on the delicious home-cooked delights. Proceeds from this event will go to benefit Chosen Pacific Valley students for scholarships each year. This year, they are being awarded to students, Fiona and Lily Buzzard, for participation in the regional youth volleyball league program.

    On the evening of Saturday, April 21st, at 6:00pm, our new community theater, The Big Sur Little Theater, will open its doors for the premier performance of a hilarious Western spoof, titled, “The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch”. Local actors and actresses will perform this play on a fantastically painted and decorated stage. You will not want to miss this evening of entertainment and laughter!

    Sunday, April 22, will feature an Earth Day Celebration, that we at Pacific Valley School, hope will become an annual tradition. Our special Earth Day feature will be two glorious scenic guided hiking tours…right in our own backyard!, “The Hike for Health” and “The Coastal Cruise”. You will be lead on these exhilarating and educational hikes along the magnificent coastline of our very own Wild South Coast of Big Sur. Hikers may choose between the invigorating 6k (4.5 -5 mile) “Hike for Health”, which follows the scenic coastal bluffs and up the Mansfield Ravine to the Willet’s Redwoods. mountain redwood groves, or the “Coastal Cruise”, an easier and leisurely stroll along the bluffs, overlooking San Dollar Beach. Both hikes provide some of the most beautiful ocean and mountain views in the world! Along the way you will be informed about different aspects of our local environment such as the Redwoods, local Native American tribal cultures, historical pioneering and homesteading, logging, gold mining, whale migrations off our coast, Monarch and Smith’s Blue Butterflies, jade, South Coast History, etc.. The hikes will begin late morning (10:00am) at the school, and end at 1-2pm for the Coastal Cruise, and 3-4pm for the Hike for Health. Bring your own bag lunch and water/juice. Some snack items will be offered for a small fee. Again, the Big Sur emphasis will be on FUN! Come and experience the treasures of our coast, first-hand!

    If this is not all, just being here at one of the coast’s most scenic locations, provides you with beautiful beaches right across the street, surfing, fishing sunbathing, beachcombing, jade-hunting, and whale-watching at your fingertips.

    To reach these exciting events, simply drive 35 scenic miles south from Big Sur village, until you reach Pacific Valley School, located right next to the Plaskett Creek Campground, and across the street from Sand Dollar Beach Picnic Area, and Jade Cove. For those who wish to stay overnight for all the events, camping is available at Plaskett Creek and other nearby camping sites, and lodging is available at the nearby Treebones Resort, and Gorda (2 miles south), and Lucia Lodge (4 miles to the north). For further information, you may call Pacific Valley School at 805-927-4507.

    Again, Pacific Valley School, and Big Sur Unified School District are not just classrooms and activities alone. We are always in the act of outreaching to the community, involving and sharing all the rich and wondrous resources of Big Surs “Wild Coast” that surround us. Come join us!

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