Weather & Road Conditions, March 24, 2012

So far, only a few drizzles this morning. I did have a report of a slide resulting in one land closed yesterday, just north of last year’s slide at Alder Creek. In checking in with online and phone sources, it does not seem to be a problem today. With the rain expected later today, and through tomorrow, rocks, mud, and other dangerous conditions may come to Highway One, so be very careful. This next week brings more rain, and long-range predictions are for very unsettled weather the first week of April, also. I’ll update this with the current NOAA forecast discussion, when it is released later today.

3 thoughts on “Weather & Road Conditions, March 24, 2012

  1. Thanks for the heads up Kate. Take good care! It’s raining quite a bit in PG.

  2. Just the slightest drizzles in Carmel Valley though more’s expected as you say. Pretty darn nice view, the air and plants getting that kind of electrified brilliance when the sun is filtered just so, and yes, unmistakeably spring. Stay dry, Kate.

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