Wild Ride and Big Waves

Wow, what a ride that was last night. Rock Knocker’s mother’s viewing was yesterday at 3 pm in Newman (north of Santa Nella). On the way home, we had to pick up a few items at the grocery store, and get some gas. We left Rio Rd. at 7:00 pm, and drove like hell to get through Rain Rocks before it closed for the night at 8:00 pm. We arrived at 7:55 pm, and the barricade went up behind us. We were the last south bound car through, then they let the north bound cars through and put the road to bed for the night.

When we went through in the morning, no one was working but the two flaggers. There was one truck, who seemed to be doing nothing, but talking with the flaggers. It was hard to see why the flaggers were there, when the lights could have been used, since there was no equipment or men working the road, slide, or any construction project.

What was harder to understand was why the road had to be closed at night. There were no spotters during the day, to make sure the hill wasn’t sliding, and possibly be authorized to close it down if something happened. There didn’t appear to be any difference between what we experienced during day light hours and evening hours, other than barricades were put into place, and flaggers went home. I’m just not sure why the lights couldn’t have been activated for the night time hours.

Oh, and if you were any where near the coast, you had to have seen the incredible waves. I have photos I will post tomorrow. Right now, I am helping Ralph and his sister notify people regarding his mother’s death.

7 thoughts on “Wild Ride and Big Waves

  1. Good news Kate. I’m amazed you made it so quickly from Rio Rd to Rain Rocks. But you did, and home at last. Regarding Cal Trans, we have to wonder what is their real agenda?

  2. glad with thoughts for you and your family, .–and for Cal Trans agenda,–as long as they are fueled by oil tax,-Hwy 1 and many like her will resemble rainrocks and the bay bridge construction projects, for the next good fifty years-

  3. Because that would have made sense. When are you going to understand the new way of government by irrational rule as outlined in that great editorial by the mysterious Big Sur Kate some moons ago?

  4. By the way, excellent time for the return home. But, calculating reported time & distance is prima facie evidence of violation of that quaint concept of “speed limits” which have been implemented into occupied Big Sur. However, the Big Sur Nation Embassy intervened with the appropriate occupation “authorities” and filed a brief on your behalf, therefore resulting in an agreement not to press charges in this case on the grounds that you were merely exercising aboriginal rights.

  5. Bravo Aboriginal rights, and glad you got home despite mystery border guard activity. Thanks toujours for the vicarious ride. I was in gorgeous Palo late afternoon into night, Aboriginal driving on return got me to CV in 1/2 hour on deserted Highway 1, we must’ve passed each other, and yes by God the waves! Fabulous Pacific. RIP Rocky K’s mom.

  6. Wow! What a ride indeed. Please tell rock knocker that I am very sorry for the passing of his mom. I loved his mom. I love you both. ~muah~

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