8 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. I’ve found the ocean/beach to be very healing, and head for it often. Good therapy!

  2. Surely do recommend Carmel Beach for clearing my head. I have to dream about it here from down in San Diego.

  3. Well? There is the winning photo for your next contest! I like the first shot best. Many thanks from a California coast girl now sitting in the Arizona mountains. I really miss the ocean!

  4. Ahhh Kate … you do Know your Cures.

    Allow me to introduce my Grandfather’s Game for his only Grandson (then 6 years old, and, who, today, still practices his Game.

    Basically he would say that there were ‘Very Precious Gems’ in amongst the Sand. (later I discovered that what we were picking up were various colours (sorry, we Canadians spell it that way) of Beach Glass.

    His ‘rule’ was that for each Walk we took, we could only take two Gems (one carried in each hand) … if a Third caught our eye, we would have to choose which Two of the Three would be the Day’s Discovery.

    So each day we walked there were Two Gems each … and for the Visit to his cottage there would be 2 times the number of days of the Visit.

    best to you


  5. The beach is where the water is. I’m looking forward to enjoying the same on a small inland lake, Kate. Your choice of beach is a beauty!

  6. Ahhh Yes … The Beach >>> The Sur has Three Crown Jewels – Garrapatta, Pheiffer ‘n Sand Dollar.

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