Fire Clearance

I have had two wonderful guys here for the last two days (weed-wacking, brush clearing, and tree trimming) and what a difference! I had a bunch of weed-wacking done last month, also. We have one more day left, Thursday, and we will be done, except for the CDCR guys on the steep north side that Cal-Fire promised me under the South Coast Fire Mitigation grant. I will also do some heavy equipment work with the burn piles, and access, but now I can see what it needs! Thank you, John Handy, Lara, and Jon! I will easily meet my matching funds target, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I can actually begin to see how this all can be managed, and made almost park-like, but still wild, without the grass. I can see where an orchard can go next winter, and paths I can meander. Such a joy – not to mention making my place SOOOO much safer for me and for firefighters. 2000 was the last time a fire came through here, and finally, I am prepared. Firefighters will find it a joy to come through or to here, now. Still the wild and untamed South Coast of Big Sur, but with the gentle hand of bigsurkate caressing her cheek.

(BTW, first, since i posted about my fire clearance today, I figured, even though it rained a bit yesterday, and it is still early in June, it is time to switch over from winter weather, to summer fire links. Also, I’ll be copying this to the Big Sur Fire Mitigation Grant, South Coast Version page soon, and adding before and after photos, as well as a final report upon completion. Any participants are invited to do the same!)

3 thoughts on “Fire Clearance

  1. Fabulous, Kate, bravo wilderness. I had the same reaction when my meadow got mowed, heartbreak then…what sudden potential. And more than once the change in everything from a large tree falling. Clearing and accommodating isn’t bad, the human eye and heart count, too.

  2. Nice work Kate! Thanks for the info! We are still working on getting the environmental clearance. Do you have the match spreadsheet? I will send another to you just in case. Our total match is about $178,000 and we have about $10,000 collected. We are expecting later this month or next to get contracts together, signed and crews out.

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