Photos by Dan

Dan knows I have been struggling for a couple weeks with some abscessed teeth, so when the Internet doesn’t cooperate, it is easy to just give up. Big Sur Kate’s favorite photographer, Dan Danbom, sent me a couple of great shots from Pheiffer Beach to share. When life and the persnickety Internet cooperates, I have some stories and/or photos to share. In the meantime, while the antibiotics kick in, again, enjoy these two.



BTW, I’ve finally learned how to edit AND post photos from my iPad. 😉

6 thoughts on “Photos by Dan

  1. I’ve never seen the doorway when the tide is out on Pfeiffer Beach. Thanks for photos.

  2. Such unhappy news about tooth trouble, Kate. I’ve had my share and it’s an invasive pain. Hope the recovering is swift and you’ll be back to yourself once more. I’ve missed you!
    Great pictures of a sweet place still familiar in my heart and brain and bare feet. I see the stone masons have been out in force, lovely. It’s like, There is your rock oh great ocean, and here are mine, hello!

  3. such beauty, thanks Dan, and I hope you guys feel better very soon!

  4. Kate, thanks for cheering up others, even when you are the one needing some cheer. Dan’s work/play does cheer and lighten our spirits, as does yours. Thank you. Hail also to Holycowgirl who’s writing is always a hoot!

  5. Joining in the thanks and well-wishes! And, admitting to being a bit pea green with envy over that i–pad…. Maybe after this next budget crisis, if I survive it! xo

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