USFS Los Padres District enters high response mode

Guess it is time to change over from my winter weather watch to summer fire watch links on the right. Will try to get to that ASAP, but hard to think fire at the moment, unless it is a fire in my wood stove! (It was in the 30’s last night)

Date: May 23, 2012 Los Padres National Forest
6755 Hollister Ave. #150
CONTACT: Andrew Madsen (805) 961-5759

Los Padres Implements High Response for Declared Fire Season

GOLETA, CA…Los Padres National Forest officials announced that wildland firefighters will transition into a “high response” posture beginning May 25 in conjunction with the declared start to fire season. This action is based on low plant moisture levels and increasingly dry conditions across the Central Coast and inland regions. The Forest Service is adopting this heightened posture along with fire departments throughout the local area.

“This past winter and spring saw below average rainfall, and with a hot summer ahead of us we need to take precautions against wildfire starts,” said Los Padres Forest Supervisor Peggy Hernandez. “Our fire staff is shifting to high response and we’ll be prepared for whatever the (fire) season brings.”

As seasonal fire staff report for duty, suppression resources will reach full capacity. The Reload Base at Santa Maria Airport will have full-time staffing throughout fire season. Although Santa Maria is not a Tanker Base, the Forest Service will request air tanker support through national federal emergency managers in the event of a large fire. Full staffing at the Reload Base will ensure that whenever national or Cal Fire air assets are available, the Forest Service will ensure retardant is efficiently reloaded onto the aircraft.

“The Reload Base at Santa Maria is a force multiplier for the Forest and the community,” said Los Padres Fire & Aviation Chief Anthony Escobar. “The retardant loading operation is based on a quick turnaround. It’s ready to go whenever it’s needed and tankers are on-site.”

Forest officials estimate that Level II fire restrictions will take effect next month, and visitors are reminded to exercise caution when enjoying recreation activities in Los Padres.

For more information, visit the Forest website at

2 thoughts on “USFS Los Padres District enters high response mode

  1. Everyone make sure you have good fire clearance. This isn’t only around your home, but also all access roads. No one can defend your home if they can’t get there. Please make sure all roads are clear of brush to allow a fire engine to safely drive to your home.

    Some roads are very narrow and have no turn around spot for a fire engine, so they must back down the road. Overgrown brush not only makes this harder,but also makes it more dangerous, due to poor visibility.

  2. Today a wildfire consumed 2 acres in the San Joaquin River bottom very close to my home in Fresno. I have to say the intensity of the flame was surprising. This correlates with reports I have read of fires earlier this Spring. Two years of regular and above average rain has provided a decent fuel bed.

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