First, starting Monday, July 9th, Highway One will be closed at Rain Rocks for the erection of the rock shed roof from 9 pm until 6 am for four nights. At this point, the closure is scheduled to be completed by Friday, the 13th at 6 am, at which time the overnight closures should cease.

I went through it this morning, and the rebar is all in place for the construction of the roof, and I can totally understand how it cannot be accomplished with vehicles going underneath it while the work is completed. I am just surprised, and grateful, that it will still be open during the day, subject to delays, of course.

Also, a reminder to friends of Terrydactyl and the South Coast, that a celebration of his life, and that of Jeffe and Howie will be held Saturday, the 14th at around noon at Sand Dollar. Bring your memories, music, food, drink, and spirit to share. 

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  1. I wonder who has the blue/green roadside Porta-Pott contract on this dotted line-……or not, I thought there was no overcasting?….and what is the propose of the Roof Shed? …lol

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