Lime Fire

At 4:30 last evening WildCAD, LPNF reported a “smoke check” called “lime” near the Hermitage and dispatched E16, 17, and 18. A local reported code three fire engines responding down Nacimiento around 5 pm, and a source in Paso reported A/A and tanker 74 responded at the same time. This am, the “smoke check” was reported as being one acre, and nothing visual this morning. I was on my way home from Cambria at the time, so unaware until i woke at 6:00. It happens. Had things to do off line when I got home. Sometimes, I have a life separate from my blog, not often, but sometimes … 😉

4 thoughts on “Lime Fire

  1. You’ve likely developed a psychic relationship between yourself and smokey terrain, Kate. If it’s big you’re awake, if it’s a fluffer you sleep. I not only offer forgiveness (if needed) for having a life, I’m really glad you do.

  2. Fire was contained by 6:30pm. Roughly 1/3 acre in size. It was located at the top of the Hermitage Property. Fire is under investigation, but we believe it was started by a vehicle fire that spread to the brush.

    Thanks to a fast response from USFS and the high fog we have had lately, this fire was controlled very quickly.

    Just goes to show you that we are officially in fire season.

    Please be very aware of the elevated fire danger and help keep Big Sur fire free.

  3. Jon, thank you so much on behalf of all readers for the thoughtful comment and update about the fire. Also, thank you for your unselfish contribution to our community as a member of the BSVFD.

  4. Kate, you and some of your readers might be interested to know that an American Conservation Experience trail crew volunteer from Germany who was working with me on the Stone Ridge Trail spotted the smoke and brought it to my attention so that I could radio it in to Los Padres Dispatch. Our thanks to the USFS and BSVFB firefighters for knocking this down so quickly.

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