Highway Closure Update, 3/29/17

Photos from Top to bottom: 1) Aerial of Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6); 2) Beautiful flowers and coastal view—courtesy of Hermitage (PM 22.12); 3) Continues debris removal of old Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52)

*Same information as last Monday* – which was the same information as last Friday, so not repeating it, yet again. Will add photos.


One can see the road to the Hermitage above the slide removal work in this photo.


From the Hermitage Road, above the slide area.


Debris clean up – a big job.

Kyle Evans created a compilation video of the demolition of this bridge which can be found here:



Lime Fire

At 4:30 last evening WildCAD, LPNF reported a “smoke check” called “lime” near the Hermitage and dispatched E16, 17, and 18. A local reported code three fire engines responding down Nacimiento around 5 pm, and a source in Paso reported A/A and tanker 74 responded at the same time. This am, the “smoke check” was reported as being one acre, and nothing visual this morning. I was on my way home from Cambria at the time, so unaware until i woke at 6:00. It happens. Had things to do off line when I got home. Sometimes, I have a life separate from my blog, not often, but sometimes … 😉

Shared Photos, the Hermitage

A couple days ago, Rick Lesser of the Hermitage, and Skee Stanley, of Cachugua Fire sent me some photos to share with my readers, but I haven’t had time until now (at 3 am) to post. 

First, Skee’s shot. This is a closer look at the Hermitage from a perspective only a dozer operator would have.

And here is one from Rick Lesser taken from the Hermitage Road that demonstrates that peace has again descended on the Hermitage.


Skee Stanley sent me some others, not of the Hermitage, that I will keep for the archives of the Chalk Fire. With rain expected this weekend, and the Chalk Fire finally contained, this momentous Summer of Fire is finally over. Fall has arrived, and with it, winter preparations.

I took a short trip to The City this past weekend, to present at a seminar for other lawyers. I drove out the back way (N-F Rd) as when I left Friday morning, Highway One was still closed by rock slides from the Fire. I came back via Highway One. These two routes have both been extremely impacted by the fires of this summer, and will present significant challenges in keeping them open this winter. So what has been a life-changing summer will segue into an interesting winter.

I plan on keeping this blog “alive” throughout the winter, to both document and record the antics of Mother Nature as she laughingly brings us together as a community, and yet separates us into enclaves without access.

At some point, however, I hope to redirect this blog away from catastrophe reporting, and morph it into something more uplifting and spiritual, to reflect the beauty of this place called, “The Big South.”