Shared Photos, the Hermitage

A couple days ago, Rick Lesser of the Hermitage, and Skee Stanley, of Cachugua Fire sent me some photos to share with my readers, but I haven’t had time until now (at 3 am) to post. 

First, Skee’s shot. This is a closer look at the Hermitage from a perspective only a dozer operator would have.

And here is one from Rick Lesser taken from the Hermitage Road that demonstrates that peace has again descended on the Hermitage.


Skee Stanley sent me some others, not of the Hermitage, that I will keep for the archives of the Chalk Fire. With rain expected this weekend, and the Chalk Fire finally contained, this momentous Summer of Fire is finally over. Fall has arrived, and with it, winter preparations.

I took a short trip to The City this past weekend, to present at a seminar for other lawyers. I drove out the back way (N-F Rd) as when I left Friday morning, Highway One was still closed by rock slides from the Fire. I came back via Highway One. These two routes have both been extremely impacted by the fires of this summer, and will present significant challenges in keeping them open this winter. So what has been a life-changing summer will segue into an interesting winter.

I plan on keeping this blog “alive” throughout the winter, to both document and record the antics of Mother Nature as she laughingly brings us together as a community, and yet separates us into enclaves without access.

At some point, however, I hope to redirect this blog away from catastrophe reporting, and morph it into something more uplifting and spiritual, to reflect the beauty of this place called, “The Big South.”

3 thoughts on “Shared Photos, the Hermitage

  1. Hi KK…thought I’d better check in on you as there’s been no activity in Flickr. Hope you are okay, didn’t have to evacuate, and that you and yours are good. Keep up that KK Spirit as I know you will. Hugs.

  2. Hello bigsurkate.
    Thanks for your great site. I have been visiting big sur for years packing through ventana and most recently tent camping with my kids at limeliln (our favorite spot). From everything I can see the park itself is OK is that true? The ph message says the park is closed due to fire. thanks again for the info. We have some nice pictures of limekiln you are welcome to if you would like.

  3. Angelo, I sent you a private email, but I will post my response here for others who may be interested.

    Hi, Angelo. Thanks for your comment. My understanding from the PIO of the USFS is that Limekiln was saved completely, down to the back country signs and everything. However, he told me that before the last bit of danger presented to the park.

    Yes, it is closed for the winter, to prevent hikers from going into the back portion of the park, I believe. Also, there are significant dangers of land, rock, and mudslides, so it is not safe for camping this winter. It is just too fragile at the moment. The State Park also closed Pheiffer State Park for the winter, but it is scheduled to open by Memorial Day, 2008, if not before. I would expect the same for Limekiln.

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