10/13/08 PM – There is a flare-up, possibly up above Limekiln. From here, it looks to be north of N-F Rd. Kimball indicates it is higher than his elevation (2000′) and estimates it at 2700′. From my perspective at 3200′, I would put it a little lower than that, maybe 2500′, but what do I know. USFS and the CHP at Nacemiento are both aware of the flare-up, and state that it is within the containment lines. I can see flames with my unaided eye. I will check it out more thoroughly tomorrow, and report back anything I learn, but tonight is a night of peace and quiet, I hope.

Garnered from the scanner, Kimball writes: “Possibly 2 flareups, best guess.
1-Charlie (C16) is looking into Mill Creek at some fire visible from N-F some what of a drive below the summit (10 minutes) and a patrol is headed down in that area (Noc) to size it up. 45 Minute travel time…
2-Active fire about 50 acres no threat to anything at this time. (Might be the on north of N-F coming up from Hare or Limekiln.)”

Monterey hotshots report this as being in the Hare drainage. Sweet photos and reporting on the Chalk Fire from our own local hotshots. Great job, Tony!!
See their post here: Monterey Hotshots

10/14/08 – AM UPDATE: Lots of smoke. Helicopters to fight the flare-up have been delayed due to the smoke, and no wind to dissipate.

JADE FESTIVAL PHOTOS delayed, while we keep an eye on the flare-up. Life getting in the way of plans, as usual. 🙂

From my heart to yours …

Such a delightful treat I had today. Remember the firefighters that came to my rescue on Friday? Brian and Bryan? Well, Bryan’s mom saw his photo and my thank you and wrote me. His birthday was this weekend, and he was away from his wife and two kids, but they got to “see” him on his birthday because of this silly little blog, and my passion for recording events. Bryan is heading home, in time for his son’s birthday in a few days. This world just got a little smaller and a little friendlier. And I feel as if the South Coast Family and the Firefighter Family just got a little closer. Thank you, Penny for sharing your son with me and my community!!

And only a few hours after I wrote this, Bryan and Brian came through my property, and I was able to thank them again, and wish Bryan a happy birthday, glad he was getting home in time for his son’s. For what you did, not just for me, but for my community, I cannot thank you enough.

BIG hugs from bigsurkate