From my heart to yours …

Such a delightful treat I had today. Remember the firefighters that came to my rescue on Friday? Brian and Bryan? Well, Bryan’s mom saw his photo and my thank you and wrote me. His birthday was this weekend, and he was away from his wife and two kids, but they got to “see” him on his birthday because of this silly little blog, and my passion for recording events. Bryan is heading home, in time for his son’s birthday in a few days. This world just got a little smaller and a little friendlier. And I feel as if the South Coast Family and the Firefighter Family just got a little closer. Thank you, Penny for sharing your son with me and my community!!

And only a few hours after I wrote this, Bryan and Brian came through my property, and I was able to thank them again, and wish Bryan a happy birthday, glad he was getting home in time for his son’s. For what you did, not just for me, but for my community, I cannot thank you enough.

BIG hugs from bigsurkate

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