Chalk Fire, Day 10

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the evening update.

7:30 am -This morning’s inciweb report indicates no gain in acreage, still sitting at 12,168, as I suspected after yesterday’s drive-about. Containment has doubled and is listed at 67%. “Current efforts focus on containment of northwest and southeast corners. Continued mop-up on west and southwest flank. Structure protection remains a priority.” Two injuries were reported from last night, one burn on the lower leg, and one from a falling tree branch. Both ff were treated and released from the hospital. The South Coast sends its wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you!

Please be safe, everyone. The ex and I experienced a “roll-out” on N-F Rd. yesterday. A flaming log had rolled onto the road. There are areas back in the black which are a little spooky, particularly along JP’s driverway, where burned trees could easily drop limbs, and smoldering stumps are quite evident throughout the black areas.

I will only be posting twice a day. This am as I collect any available information, and then again this evening. I will be getting back to my “real” job, starting today, day 10. I need a little crazy normalcy.

See a few photographs I posted on Chalk Fire, Night 9: a trip through the black zone.

PM UPDATE: Oops, sorry, I got distracted. Tonight’s report will be relatively short, as I am working with others, including those in the “black zone” on other projects. One, involves CPOA and another is more personal. I am preparing a DVD slide show set to music, of 75 of my fire photos, which I hope to have available at the Jade Festival on Friday. While the high winds could bring some challenges, we feel the USFS is supporting us in our efforts to go ahead with this festival. In 1996, we had to cancel the Jade Festival due to the “Wild” Fire.

Inciweb just updated, and the acreage is slightly reduced, at 11,189 and containment at 67%. The report also indicates: “Reduction in “fire line to build”, reflects a change in fire suppression tactics. Earlier in the fire, crews had to construct indirect line because of active burning conditions. As a result of the rain on Saturday, and its affect on fuel conditions, firefighters are now able to construct more direct line, closure to the fire’s actual perimeter. Reduction in “acres burned”, is the result of more accurate mapping by crews on the fires perimeter in the deeper drainages.”

Also, a grader came through today, after yesterday’s “brush out” to grade Plaskett, back to McKern, I am guessing. I could not go out to check, as he was working, and I CERTAINLY did NOT want to get in his way on this project! He only graded to the start of the dozer line down Home Ridge, so the lower portion of Plaskett Ridge Rd. is still the mess that it has been since the USFS last graded it in 2000 after the Plaskett II fire.

Life demands my attention, so I will probably do a short report tomorrow morning, then I have to run to town to take care of lawyer-like business. Then, I’ll be shifting into high gear to finish all my responsibilities regarding the 17th Annual Jade Festival!!

Hope to see and meet many of you then!
bigsurkate, signing off for the evening, early, for a change!!

bigsurkate, signing off for the evening.