Jade Festival Day One: Firefighters to the Rescue!

Great first day, albeit a little cold.

My friend Mary and I had a bit of an adventure on the way down, however. My brand-new tire was punctured by some rock or something. Well, Plaskett Ridge Rd. is closed. No traffic. My jack is missing its pump bar. Not good. Mary and I discuss…to drive on the rim on the dirt, or no. Hmmm…

While we are trying to figure out what to do, who comes by but a couple firefighters. YAY!! These guys go above and beyond. Their jack works, They change the tire. I HAVE to get their photo.

These are the two wonderful young firefighters: Bryan R. of the Tahoe National Forest and Brian E. of the El Dorado National Forest. Thanks, guys for EVERYTHING!! Without you, we might still be stuck on the mountain top instead of enjoying ourselves at the Jade Festival!!

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Mary & bigsurkate!

Oh, and I MUST add a great big thank you to the ex, who ran the shredded tire down to Morro Bay for me, and picked me up a new tire, as well as a very fancy floor jack, ultralight, so I could handle it myself, and an LED system on the head, so it lights up the bottom of the Jeep, so I can see where I am placing it. A little expensive, but just think, I can open up my own floor jack rental business! LOL