Sunset on the Jade Festival

17th Annual, and the sweetest yet. I have so many photos, and so many stories … I will tell them, as I can. I will post photos, as I can. But I am one tired woman, after reporting live for … how many days on the Chalk Fire, and then sequeing straight into the Jade Festival? I am one tired lady.

So, tonight, it is sunset on the Jade Festival.

There are SO MANY people to thank for the success of this year’s festival. I will mention a few tonight, and mention others in the days to come. I must admit a bias, in those I thank tonight. But others, I hope to remember tomorrow. I beg you to remember, I am brain-dead, after almost two weeks of non-stop reporting for the Chalk Fire and the Jade Festival. If I forget someone, please email me so that I can report their contributions. We are family, and we ALL contribute what we can!

The main “dudes” are Kirk Brock, of Rock Solid Jade, who made the vendors happen. The booth fees they pay are our major source of income; and Sid Carr, our music director extrodinare, and his second in command, Dan Singer, who line up incredible music to bring people in to experience our Jade. These guys provide the backbone and structure to our “happening.”

Two other “dudes” that are usually “behind-the-scenes” and who provide unbelievable assistance are Gary and Steve. Gary makes sure the main booth (mine) is set up and taken care of. Steve makes sure everyone has what they need. I love you both, guys!! Oh, and Todd, who has done the announcing for us for several years now. He also makes sure he is available to help out where needed.

Among the women, we have Lisa , paying the bills and arranging permits; Mollie, supporting the main booth, and one of the original founders; Cat, who has arranged the raffle for many years running, and Avis back after being gone for a few years to Ohio, to help support Todd in the announcement category, and my support team this year — Mollie and Mary.

This year, our BSVFB was incredibly supportive, especially, Warren Doyle and his crew!! You guys and gals rock!! I asked Warren where he got his energy. God knows he could bottle it! After almost two weeks of fighting the Chalk Fire, only 2 months after the Basin Fire, these volunteers show up at the Jade Festival, and support us, handle an emergency, and still have energy to dance. How do you do it? I swear, we could make a fortune, if we could bottle it!!

There are many, many people who worked hard to make this Jade Festival a success, including all the people who showed up to support us. Alabama, who shows up every year, and had to make plans, not knowing if it was going to happen or not. Kansas, who was in the same boat. And MOM from England, who came because her son was one of the many, many firefighters who are our heroes. We can never thank you enough for what you did for us.

Now, this tired Big Sur Mountain Mama, is REALLY tired, and needs to recoup some energy. I’ll post in a few days with photos and commentary, unless life gets in the way, which is likely. 😉

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