Moto GP coming to Highway One near you

Today starts the grand prix at Laguna Seca, and the madness of motorcycles heading north on Highway One. Actually, it started yesterday, we noted. We went south Thursday, and noted the increase in motorcycles on the highway. Some of these riders seem to either have a death wish or a belief in their own immortality.

Be extra careful out there, as there will be crashes and craziness all weekend. Some of the fastest and best riders on a professional course will be at Laguna Seca, but some candidates for the Darwin Award will be on our highways.

4 thoughts on “Moto GP coming to Highway One near you

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Kate. I’m perennially surprise by local hoopla. Carmel Valley likewise buzzing. We get the feed into Laureles Grade, and yup, watch out for them leathered up cowpokes living large.

  2. “…leathered up cowpokes living large” – that’s good alliteration, Hcg.

  3. In the past, Sunday afternoons have been the worst—–Heading home with a buzz after watching the pros all weekend—-It can get messy—–

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