New Photo Toy

OMG, I think I am in love! Another blogger recommended this new app (snapseed) that works on either my iPad or my iPhone, and it is such a delight. It is not free. It runs $5.99, but so worth it, and I haven’t even tapped all that it can do. And easy? My word is it easy. It is all done with swipes and or taps.

Remember this photo from a few days ago?


Here is one thing I did with it:

All I basically did here was adjust the white balance and the saturation, and then crop it. Easy peasy.

In the one below, it was like being back in the dark room during my film days. I converted to black and white, adjusted the contrast, played with the grain, cropped and framed it, and here you have it:


One chooses the effect one wants to use (in this case black and white), then chooses the filter by swiping up and down, then chooses the degree of filtering (in this case how much contrast and then grain one wants) by swiping left and right.

Either one of these photos is better than the original, according to the photographer. Now my iPad or iPhone will not replace my Nikon, and snapseed is not photoshop, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper, and so much easier to use.

Here are a few more snapseed processed photos. There are so many possible combinations of processes, and the degree of each …




One of the majorly significant tools is the ability to increase or decrease exposure in different parts of your photos, like we could do in the darkroom. No other digital software has seemed to mimic my old-fashion darkroom to the extent this one does, and now I realize how much I missed that.

Oh, and did you notice I finally figured out how to change the alignment of my photos to make them visually more appealing, when I am writing from my iPad? Just had to change a little code, is all. 😉