Wildfire – Jolon & 101

6:00 pm update- all units released but one engine.

5:00 pm- A friend just sent me this for a fire at Jolon and 101. The good thing is, this will be easy to get to, so should have it out in no time. But it is a good reminder that it is incredibly hot, incredibly dry, and incredibly fire-prone!

“Hey kate ….just heard a dispatch for mutual aid to monterey cnty for a veg fire….A/A340, T74 an 75, 3462, 3482, 3472, D3441….”

A/a is air attack; T is Tanker; 34xx are engines; and D is dozer.

Lost Dog

One of the new family members at the Cal Trans Yard (Willow Springs) sent me a plea to help find their lost dog. They, and their dog are new to the area, so the dog may be confused. The dog answers to the name of Blazer and is a Yorkie mix. It has a collar with the owners name and number on it, and even though it is from Ventura, they have the same number. If you have any information please contact nescha42@yahoo.com or call the number on the collar if you have the dog. Thank you. This has been one of many public service announcements.