Wildfire – SLO Co – Bitterroot & 46

Final acreage, 167 acres.

4:00 pm – 50 acres.

3:00 pm – 15 acres, one structure threatened.

AA requesting two air additional tankers. Potential for 100 acres unless it jumps Bitterwater Road, then potential for 500 – 600 acres. 2 dozers, 2 airtankers, 6 Type 3 Engines, 4 crewsalready on scene.

This is all according to Wildland fire. This is a a SLO Cal Fire show, but USFS is sending a helicopter to assist.

Vegetation fire, Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur

At 5:30 am, WildCAD, LPNF reported a vegetation fire at our Big Sur State Park. Reported at only a 10th of an acre. Must be Labor Day weekend! Apparently, somehow, someone set a tree on fire.

Okay, people, let’s be super vigilant, this last weekend of Summer. Apparently we have to.