Vegetation fire, Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur

At 5:30 am, WildCAD, LPNF reported a vegetation fire at our Big Sur State Park. Reported at only a 10th of an acre. Must be Labor Day weekend! Apparently, somehow, someone set a tree on fire.

Okay, people, let’s be super vigilant, this last weekend of Summer. Apparently we have to.

4 thoughts on “Vegetation fire, Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur

  1. Make that Labor Day, not Memorial Day. Labor Day we as workers get to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution we make to keeping the economy going (thank you unions for giving us this day!). I hope not to be working but celebrating and will be thinking of all those that will be working!

  2. One can only hope that those who have no fire-building and safety skils would get some training or stay home and stick to ovens and stoves.

  3. You are absolutely right, Lisa. I will change that! I posted early, before I had my coffee. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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