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Recently, a new face came to the South Coast, at the Willow Springs Maintenance Yard. His name is Greg DeAlba. He is the new supervisor. He came to us from Santa Barbara where he was a lead worker, which sometimes entails acting as supervisor. He has six years experience with Cal Trans, although his father has over 30 years.


He oversees a crew of six. Currently, he has only four on his crew, including himself. One of his crew, another Greg, also comes to us from Santa Barbara, and has only been here a short time. The other, Joel, comes from the Cambria station, and has been here a few months longer. When I asked him what he thought the major difference between the Santa Barbara station and this one is, he replied: “The quiet. You can go out on the road first thing in the morning and not see another car.” He recently hiked a couple miles up the back country behind the Willow Springs Yard, and is completely taken with the beauty of his new home.

He acknowledges that keeping the road clear this first winter will be his biggest challenge, but he is enthusiastic, and says he, Greg, and Joel all love to work, and are looking forward to and are up for the challenge.

Greg is married with three children, the oldest of which just started second grade at Pacific Valley School.

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  1. Welcome Greg, Greg and Joel. Enjoy your Central Coast time – it is a beautiful place. I’m sure I’ll see you on one of my many trips to Cambria.

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