Airplane crash off the South Coast of Big Sur

UPDATE 9 pm – The SLO Tribune is reporting that 2 people were rescued from this crash.

My son reported from the hermitage that he heard sirens and something that sounded like a loud shot from the direction of Lucia around 4:45 pm. Another reader reported that he saw the last of an airplane crash into the ocean from his position at Gorda Mountain. He witnessed the last 15 minutes or so, before the plane sank. The Coast Guard were on the scene. These two reportings may have been related.

John Galuszka sent me these photos of the incident:




5 thoughts on “Airplane crash off the South Coast of Big Sur

  1. Too horrific, I hope to God there are lives to save. Please keep updating, I know you will.
    And you Kate, are everybody’s superb front line.

  2. It was a platoon plane that landed in the ocean near Salmon Creek for unknown reasons. All 3 passengers were rescued by USCG as the plane floated in front of “Radio Rock”. The vessel was mostly sunk, and drifting north.

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