No one died party

For the last year or so, there hasn’t been a South Coast for-no-reason party. There always seem to be get togethers to celebrate the life of one of our members who has gone on to the next adventure, and there have been a lot lately. Now, Guy decided we needed a “no one died” party. So, that is what we are doing … This Saturday – BYOB, a dish to share, DRUMS (please?) and join us for the afternoon. Write me at, or call me at 831-818-8026 if you haven’t gotten the word thru the grapevine and need or want additional information.

Shall we celebrate the lives of those of us who are still here? And another summer successfully concluded? I’m ready!

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  1. Kate-

    I tried to post a comment on your blog but the page wouldn’t allow me to type anything in the text box, even after I entered my e-mail address and name. All I wanted to say is that Lisa G and I were wondering why you didn’t announce the time and location of Saturday’s party on your blog. We think that not that many people will show up unless the word with details gets spread. We aren’t too worried about a huge crowd of weirdos or strangers showing up, if that was your concern. There will always be the drop-ins from the walk-bys or drive-bys – nothing we can do about that, unless they become so obnoxious that we need to evict them…

    Susan Perry

    Administrative Assistant

    Big Sur Unified School District

    69325 Highway 1

    Big Sur, CA 93920

    805-927-4507 phone

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  2. Best headline I’ve ever read, I love it more than life itself.
    Except for a serious mission on Sunday I’d try to get there, and will likely regret forever that I missed it. Takes pix, you wild woman you.

  3. Life in Big Sur…certainly miss it! When I was out there last, and attended a memorial, I thought then that it’s a shame we only seem to come together in those numbers at a memorial, and why don’t we celebrate our LIVES! Good on the South Coast for doing so! I also thought that rather than giving eulogies, it would be more fun to roast some of our longer-term residents while they are still alive. Maybe I can put together something like that for when I am out there next…in the not too distant future I hope. Thanks for keeping on with the informative posts Kate. It makes me feel still connected to “home”. 🙂

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