Fire off Old Coast Rd

2:35 – 4-5 acres, contained! Great work!

2:30 pm, CHP has Old Coast Rd closed at North end (Bixby Bridge) open to residents only. SP Has south end closed at Andrew Molera.

2:20 pm- request for 2 AT and 2 Helios, Old Coast Rd. closed to traffic.

2:00 pm – both Cal Fire BEU, and BSVFB are also on the fire, which may be heating up from the reports I am getting.

Around 1:22 pm, it was reported to me that a downed power line started a fire off Old Coast Rd. WildCAD- LPF reports it is off highway one near the El Sur Ranch. USFS has sent BC 12, E 17, and E 18 in mutual aid to BEU. I will follow this until it is contained, hopefully fast.

~ by bigsurkate on September 17, 2012.

One Response to “Fire off Old Coast Rd”

  1. That WAS fast! Whew, and hoorah.


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