Clarifications on Rocky Creek Closures from Project Manager

From Project Manager, Ken Dostalek:

“I’m truly sorry that I didn’t adequately cover that subject at the meeting
on the 30th, but I did try. I want you to know that. At the meeting I
said that there will be 10 occasions that the highway will need to be
closed and each occasion will last 1 – 3 consecutive days. This is to
construct the 10 (actually it’s 9) bridge columns and abutments. I also
mentioned that there will be additional closures needed for girder
placement by crane, but I did not have a good estimate at the time for the
number of days required.

Since that meeting, the only change I have experienced is that we now
estimate each closure for the 9 columns and abutments will last 2 – 5 days
each. I told Kirk as soon as I knew and mentioned it again at last
Friday’s meeting but I’m sorry I didn’t send out a mass email like I should

Our information changes over time because it becomes more refined as we get
closer to the actual closures. That’s something we can’t help. ;It starts
out as speculation initially because it takes the Contractor several weeks
to produce an accurate construction schedule and Caltrans is not allowed to
dictate to the Contractor how to build the viaduct as long as they adhere
to the general guidelines given in the contract specifications.

I’ll keep sending out new information as I get it. I would like to make a
weekly trip up there to take photos and get project updates and then send
that info to you for posting. I’m thinking I’ll go up each Friday and get
the schedule for the next week. Still in the planning stage though.”

Second clarification and special events

“I recalled that about a month ago citizen Jenny Morris asked on your blog
about the possibility of the closures interfering with her planned arrival
late on October 31 for the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival the next day. At
the time we thought the closures would not occur until January 2013 and I
responded as such. However we now realize that the closures will start
much sooner and that they will possibly conflict with the Food and Wine
Festival. I’d like to get the word out that we are evaluating this and the
other special events and that people should check back regularly for
updates. Please see below …

Other special events that have been brought to my attention are:

Halloween Bal Masque at Nepenthe on October 31,
Election night November 6 in which the Sheriff needs to pass through the
job site in order to deliver the completed ballots.
Concerts at the Henry Miller Library on Oct. 2 and 3.

Special events that are already listed in the contract specifications as
non-closure days are:

The California Aids Ride passing through Big Sure sometime between June
2 and 8, 2013.
Amgen Tour of California passing through Big Sur sometime between May 12
and 19, 2013

Also any special event that takes place on a Friday or Saturday night will
not be affected by the closures since they are not allowed on those days.”

Based on the above, it looks like the road will be closed more than open on Sunday-Thursday evenings, October 1st through the end of January – all subject to change depending on weather, material being drilled, and other unpredicted events.



6 thoughts on “Clarifications on Rocky Creek Closures from Project Manager

  1. Is there any chance of finding a drawing of what the viaduct will look like when it’s finished?

  2. I have to say that this project manager, Ken, seems nice, and seems to really be trying to accommodate what he can for Big Sur and the project. I find that very, very encouraging. In the days long, long ago, when I lived there, there didn’t seem to be much of this around projects on the highway. Kudos to him, and good luck to you all! And thanks, as always, Kate, for the reports. <3

  3. He is nice, and trying very hard to communicate accurately, and timely, to as much of the coast as he can. It is a humongous project, over a year, so hard to predict what will happen.

  4. Please add to the Special Events list that will need accommodation the Big Sur Jade Festival. Even though the event is Friday, Oct. 5 – 7 our vendors, from all over the country (and several from out of the country) will be travelling down the highway Thursday night to be set up for the Friday start of the festival. I am asking for the same consideration given to the other entities in their special events. Thank you!

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