11 thoughts on “The Magic of Fall Equinox

  1. Oh , Make me “Home Sick” , you do, with these photos !

    So is that first one of Grimes Point where the Owings decided to build ?

    And is that second one of McWay Rocks , where there is a wonderful rock tunnel to paddle sea kayaks , through ?

    Of course the Sun Set shot , glorious as it is ,,,, is way out west , where I hope to depart from in a year or two , to return to the US .

    The land and Sunset through the trees photo reminds me of the deer flys and mosquitos about to bite me .

    Congratulations , Kate , for your ability to enjoy such wonderful views !

  2. The first and second are the same location, looking north and south. It is a large turn out I think people call 13 stones.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. We had that sky here, (forwarded from the eastern outpost), and I was heartsick not to see it at the ocean then here’s that answered prayer from Kate. I was inside then the air was turning pink and brought me out under it. Yes, gorgeous day in wonderland. Again. Thanks for spreading the glow.

  4. When I visit this site I am reminded that I am east and wish I was west….we will meet again soon Big Sur!

  5. these refresh the love in my heart….thanks Kate….sending hugs n loves

  6. ‘swhat has bin; bringin’ me bac’ here since ’72

    best to you Kate, the Very Best !


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