Fire North of Ragged Point

4:30 pm – fire was about a mile north of Ragged Point. They are in mop-up, now.

4:15 pm – just got word that there was a dispatch to a fire north of Ragged Point about 1/2 hour ago. Already air attack has been called off, and one Cuesta crew. One Cuesta fire remains on scene, as well as a couple LPNF Engines. Looks like they caught this early. I don’t have any more details, but will look around to see what I can pick up.

2 thoughts on “Fire North of Ragged Point

  1. Thanks again Kate for your timely and factual reporting! We appreciate you keeping us informed.

  2. Hey kate,
    That fire by ragged point was a vegitation fire stared by a 4runner that had fell on its side. The car was completely engulfed and caught the hill on fire. We (BSB engine 7834) put the car out while Forest Service from pv and cal fire from Cambria worked on the hill. A fire plane was called in but wasn’t used. The passengers of the vehicle were not injured, they were seen throwing things over the side of the hwy though. The driver was not hurt but arrested for DUI.

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