Rocky Creek Viaduct update with photos

Below is an update I received today from one of the inspectors at the Rocky Creek jobsite:

“CIDH piles for bents 3, 4, 5 an 6 are complete. Contractor is currently working at bent 2 pile. The average production rate for the piles is still approximately 1 pile per week. However, bent 2 pile may take longer as drilling can only be performed during the night under full closure due to space constrains. Placement of the piles is on schedule.”

I have attached a photo below that illustrates this information:

(See attached file: Updated drilling locations.JPG)

Also, I’m going to be on a Monterey TV program tomorrow discussing the Rocky Creek project as well as the Pitkins Rock Shed project. Not sure if you can get this program where you are but I thought I’d mention it. Below is a link to more information.

Have a good day!



Also, here is a photo of a bridge showing the part labeled “the bent.”


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