Storm, 11/28/12

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2 pm – the only “known” casualty at my place, so far, and I haven’t checked much, is my front screen door. It is in tatters. I don’t believe my wind gauge. It has been far stronger than 35 mph. Checking automatic sites in the area, those gauges are reporting much higher winds. Santa Cruz County is not fairing very well. Every time I check the CHP website there is another road closure due to downed trees or power lines, even one that sparked a vegetation fire. Hang in there everyone!

11am – 24″ tree down on 68 near Morse Blvd. blocking the EB lane.

Up here, I woke at 3 am to heavy winds. By dawn, they were quite impressive, and have remained so. The rain began just after 8 am. I was both a Curved Bar Girl Scout and a WAC. I have been trained to “Be Prepared.” I think I am. I sit in front of a roaring fire, with plenty of wood on hand.

In checking my usual sites, I see there is already a tree branch impeding traffic at Point Lobos, but should be removed shortly. Probably just the first of many, given the winds. Also NOAA is reporting that 4-8″ of rain is expected by Sunday in Big Sur and Los Padres. I’ll probably be on the 8″ side, but haven’t checked, yet. Later, when there is a break.

Wind is averaging about 25-27 mph per my gauge, with gusts of 35 mph. That’s between 10-11 am.

Be safe, be aware, and be careful out there. I am staying put!

Here is the NEXRAD radar:


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