Partington Ridge Slide Photo from up top

Photo by Sula Nichols of Partington Ridge


What a photo! What a challenge! What a mess! These are the same people who lost houses in the Basin Fire of 2008. They are a tough group. Thanks for sharing your world, Sula.

On another note, repairing this road will be an expensive and private affair. It has been suggested that the road association might want to set up a fund that people could donate to. Carmel Pine Cone indicates it will be 1/2 million dollars to fix. Ouch! I will keep you posted if I learn more.

10 thoughts on “Partington Ridge Slide Photo from up top

  1. So sorry to see this, what a project.

    Someone ought to do a picture book (Kate?) of the before and after Big Sur canyons, ridges and roads through the ages. From Old Coast Road headed south. How great to see the first early roads cut through wild places, cropping up of homesteader’s abodes, the Highway One collapses and rebirths, fires followed by strong new green, floods, mudslides, and calmed waters, widowmakers piled for firewood. Even a separate chapter on vehicles that access such a place (including horses and donkeys and trail bikes and hang-gliders).

    A part of the holistic spirit of Big Sur is its perrenial rejuvenation. I’ve never lived in or near a place that had such constantly transforming geography in my life, and I’ve lived in a lot of places. It says so much about the pioneering souls drawn to it. All they endure, and most of all, all they love. What hope to give to a country where natural disasters and the forces of nature are familiars. Taming isn’t what works. It’s understanding. And Big Sur does it brilliantly.

  2. Great picture but a what a problem to deal with….I remember the days of driving between Big Sur and Pacific Valley to work and all the slides. Some of the most amazing slides to watch happen were the sides of the cliffs, below the road, sliding into the ocean….too bad I didn’t have a phone/camera with me for some of those!
    Sending positive thoughts your way….

  3. If Partingdon were my road, I’d hire two crews of 10 abile-bodied day laborers per crew, pay them each $20./hour, each worker welding pick axe and shovel, have them start on opposite ends of the slide. Offer the crew that gets past the middle first a $200. bonus for each crew member.
    They’d have that cleaned up in a week for less than $20,000.
    Somewhat less than $500,000.
    And I’d even include a lunch wagon to feed them, and still be under $20K.

  4. It always surprises me , geology thinking , that Hawaii has been above sea level for over 25 million years and Big Sur has been above sea level for only one million years .

  5. Hello All,

    can anyone tell me what the road conditions are along ridgetop roads, such as coast ridge and prewitt, are they open ? i understand cone peak road is closed,


  6. Benjamin, there is a winter advisory out, so we are expecting snow tomorrow. Don’t know how long it will last, with the predicted cold temps, so hopefully you aren’t coming up this weekend. If you are, better check on Friday.

  7. Morning BIGSURKATE ” do you know if Sula Nichols is still in Big Sur I’m a friend and a designer @ Summit furniture friend of Kip Stewart , Alwy

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