Working to save Highway from itself, and Mother Nature

Following is a photojournal of my trip north Wednesday. Three construction areas, we had to traverse. This is why we don’t go north much right now.






Look at the colors in those arches. Aren’t they gorgeous!.


AND, construction number two – Partington.



It is not just the stopping for 10 minutes, or more, EACH, it is getting in a line of cars from which one cannot escape!

Finally, Rocky Creek.



Bigsurkate and other updates

I got back home just before sunset last night, to find my solar power system unresponsive. I relied on the gennie last night, and tried to get the solar online. No luck. Someone had turned the PV switch off, and my gennie was not charging it today. Tomorrow, I have to run to town to replace groceries eaten by my dog sitter, propane for my appliances, restock on critter food, and all the usual, so I won’t get a chance to figure out what is wrong with the solar … Means I better get gas for the gennie back-up, as well, until I can read the manual, call my power guy, or otherwise become brilliant in solar power. I know, but it MIGHT happen!

My dogs sitter may have messed up my solar (or someone else?) but he had a fire laid out for me to Light last night, all four dogs were good, as were two cats, he hauled in firewood for a few days, and with all else, I have been warm, thanks to him.

Blaze got the contract for the Partington Rd clean-up. I understand there was a meeting between Blaze, Cal-Trans, and the Partington Ridge Road Association this morning. Will keep you posted as I can.

Friday the BSMAAC meeting is to be held at the State Park Conference Center, starting at 10 am. I will be attending. Kathleen Lee promised an agenda by end of business today, but so far, it has yet to find my inbox.

We have one more month of overnight closures at Rocky Creek, and then life will get a little easier for all of Big Sur. NOTE – I did not say “normal” – ain’t no such thing in Big Sur.

Glad to be home, and back doin’ what I do.

Partington Ridge Slide Photo from up top

Photo by Sula Nichols of Partington Ridge


What a photo! What a challenge! What a mess! These are the same people who lost houses in the Basin Fire of 2008. They are a tough group. Thanks for sharing your world, Sula.

On another note, repairing this road will be an expensive and private affair. It has been suggested that the road association might want to set up a fund that people could donate to. Carmel Pine Cone indicates it will be 1/2 million dollars to fix. Ouch! I will keep you posted if I learn more.

Partington Slide photos

The following four photos were sent to me by Partington Ridge resident Jim Merz. Excellent photos, and clearly show the instability, and the massive nature of the slide.





The following two photos are provided by Mike Gilson, and show Highway One level damage.



And here is one from Magnus Toren that shows what none of the others show – the top of the slide, which demonstrates, as Rock Knocker says, “It ain’t done, yet!”


And from North Coast CT crew, Brandie Kirby, another couple:



And finally, one last photo from Greg DeAlba, Supervisor, Willow Springs Maintenance Station: