Partington Slide photos

The following four photos were sent to me by Partington Ridge resident Jim Merz. Excellent photos, and clearly show the instability, and the massive nature of the slide.





The following two photos are provided by Mike Gilson, and show Highway One level damage.



And here is one from Magnus Toren that shows what none of the others show – the top of the slide, which demonstrates, as Rock Knocker says, “It ain’t done, yet!”


And from North Coast CT crew, Brandie Kirby, another couple:



And finally, one last photo from Greg DeAlba, Supervisor, Willow Springs Maintenance Station:


7 thoughts on “Partington Slide photos

  1. Boy, do these pictures bring back the memories…everyone stay safe and off the roads if you can…

  2. Wow, those are mammoth boulders. Great pics, everyone. RK’s got that right, many more to come.
    BSK, you offer such a great community service. Thank you.

  3. This is beginning to rival the worst of the worst. Aside from the redwood that dropped on Palo Colorado a couple days back, it seems like north Big Sur is still holding fast. ? Of course you look around and say there’s nothing else left to fall, I hope it’s true. Steep price of beauty. But no matter the new wrinkles true love is not altered, Big Sur will always be adored.
    You take care everybody out there. Thanks for your heroic updates, Kate.

  4. Well, guess our families trying to get home to Big Sur won’t be coming up from the south. Happy trails driving around. We’ve been through worse things, folks. Keep your eye on the ball. We are all okay and have each other. Merry Christmas from Big Sur!

  5. We were driving to BigCreek when they started rolling the volkswagon sized boulders down the hill. Quite a sight…and sound…Boom Boom Thump…could have been Gordy Ryan on his drum.

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