Plaskett Creek Campground is NOT without water

A couple weeks ago, the USFS sent out a press release regarding Kirk Creek Campground becoming a dry camp. I posted a notice here: USFS announcement

I have received a number of reports that Plaskett Creek campground was going to be dry. Apparently, this error began in the Pine Cone, and spread. My comment was always that I got the notice re the Kirk Creek campground, but not Plaskett. I have now confirmed with Bob, the mgr at Plaskett for Park Management, that it is in fact Kirk Creek, not Plaskett which is now a dry camp. He informed me he would be asking the Pine Cone to print a correction.

6 thoughts on “Plaskett Creek Campground is NOT without water

  1. I know that Kirk Creek is going to pit toilets, can any locals confirm the completely dry camp status. They have always said that they have ” no water”, but in fact have had no potable water. Any local input would be appreciated.

  2. Kirk Creek is now indeed a “dry” campground. Two brand new pit toilets have been installed and the water system has been de-commissioned as of two weeks ago. Plaskett Creek Campground is not affected.

    Bob Eden
    Regional Parks Mgr
    Parks Mgt. Company

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