Andrew Molera hike in camping to reopen

Reopening of Andrew Molera State Park Trail Camp Campground

BIG SUR, CA: Trail Camp Campground at Andrew Molera State Park will be reopened on 11/3/2016. Trail Camp was closed to the public after the park was utilized as a Fire Camp during the Soberanes Wildfire. Rehabilitation efforts were needed before the campground could be opened. We are pleased to once again provide this camping opportunity for the enjoyment of the public.

Trail Camp consists of 24 tent only campsites. All campsites are available on a first come-first served basis and are walk in campsites, requiring a ¼ mile hike in from the parking lot. Occupancy for each campsite is limited to a maximum of 4 people.

We are making 3 campsites available for Hike and Bike camping due to the current closure of Hike and Bike camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The sites will remain available until the facilities at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are opened. Each of the 3 campsites will be available to those people not utilizing motor vehicles for transportation to the park (parking on the highway and walking in is not permitted). Campsites will be available on a first come-first served basis with a maximum of 4 occupants per campsite. Hike and Bike camping fees are $5/night/person and payment is required upon entry to the park.

For park information please call (831) 667-2315 or online at

17 illegal campfires on the South Coast Sunday morning

I just don’t understand this … It is hotter than Darwin, as dry as the Mojave and people are having campfires? What is wrong with people?? And people wonder why those of us who live here don’t want any dispersed camping? Being constantly on edge that someone is going to “accidentally” burn us out is nerve wracking. This is absolutely nuts. I give up. We can’t educate those who don’t want to be, and they WAY out number the ones who do.


Spring Break

Monday Morning Plaskett Campground was full … Already. The over flow was creeping up Plaskett. By the weekend most flat spots will be filled. Before they are I got some more spring flowers. On Friday, they were almost all gone! I suspect that will change by this afternoon, when I head back home.

Douglas Iris

Ceanothus, blue and white on my property.

Western Columbine

Owl’s clover.

Tomorrow, I have another post ready to go, of shots taken on a back road I love to travel a couple times a year.

Plaskett Creek Campground is NOT without water

A couple weeks ago, the USFS sent out a press release regarding Kirk Creek Campground becoming a dry camp. I posted a notice here: USFS announcement

I have received a number of reports that Plaskett Creek campground was going to be dry. Apparently, this error began in the Pine Cone, and spread. My comment was always that I got the notice re the Kirk Creek campground, but not Plaskett. I have now confirmed with Bob, the mgr at Plaskett for Park Management, that it is in fact Kirk Creek, not Plaskett which is now a dry camp. He informed me he would be asking the Pine Cone to print a correction.

Kirk Creek converted to dry camp

Date: January 18, 2013

CONTACT: Andrew Madsen (805) 961-5759
Lynn Olson (831) 385-5434

Los Padres National Forest
6755 Hollister Ave. #150
Goleta, CA 93117

Water Shut Off at Kirk Creek Campground

GOLETA, CA…Los Padres National Forest officials have announced that Kirk Creek Campground on the Monterey Ranger District will convert to a dry campground effective today. Visitors to the camp site are encouraged to bring an adequate amount of water for use during their stay.

Over the years, the Forest Service has taken a number of steps to upgrade Kirk Creek’s water treatment system in order to meet the State of California’s water quality standards. When these efforts failed to improve water quality, the decision was made to shut down the Kirk Creek water system to reduce the potential for public healthy and safety issues.

Two new vault toilets were installed to replace the antiquated, flush-toilet restrooms in anticipation of the water shut-off.

“After exploring our options and assessing the impacts, we have determined the best course of action is to shut off the water as a precaution,” said Monterey District Ranger Tim Short. “While I understand this will inconvenience our visitors, the public safety aspect simply outweighs the alternative.”

Kirk Creek Campground was originally constructed in the early 1960s to provide year-round, single-family vehicle camping along the Monterey County coast. The campground includes thirty-three campsites configured around two intersecting loops. Over time, several of the sites were modified to allow for recreation vehicle and multi-family camping.

For more information, please contact the Monterey Ranger District at (831) 385-5434, or on-line at: