17 illegal campfires on the South Coast Sunday morning

I just don’t understand this … It is hotter than Darwin, as dry as the Mojave and people are having campfires? What is wrong with people?? And people wonder why those of us who live here don’t want any dispersed camping? Being constantly on edge that someone is going to “accidentally” burn us out is nerve wracking. This is absolutely nuts. I give up. We can’t educate those who don’t want to be, and they WAY out number the ones who do.


8 thoughts on “17 illegal campfires on the South Coast Sunday morning

  1. I’m so sorry, thanks for the update and this record, I don’t know the answer either. Might successful no-fire camps around the world be looked at? Chances are somebody somewhere is doing it right, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii? And of course yes, the constant heart-in-the-throat worry should not be part of living in paradise.

  2. I’m not sure how to read it, but each of the 2 San Martain Top, 3 Los Burros and 3 S.Coast Rdg Rd look to be the same, not separate fires for each place. That doesn’t diminish the fact that people are stupid enough to have a fire in the 1st place! Law enforcement is really doing their job. Many thanks on that!

  3. Taking into account the times, locations, and coordinates, I see 8 different fires with numerous tickets handed out at each. Obviously more signage is needed.

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