Andrew Molera hike in camping to reopen

Reopening of Andrew Molera State Park Trail Camp Campground

BIG SUR, CA: Trail Camp Campground at Andrew Molera State Park will be reopened on 11/3/2016. Trail Camp was closed to the public after the park was utilized as a Fire Camp during the Soberanes Wildfire. Rehabilitation efforts were needed before the campground could be opened. We are pleased to once again provide this camping opportunity for the enjoyment of the public.

Trail Camp consists of 24 tent only campsites. All campsites are available on a first come-first served basis and are walk in campsites, requiring a ¼ mile hike in from the parking lot. Occupancy for each campsite is limited to a maximum of 4 people.

We are making 3 campsites available for Hike and Bike camping due to the current closure of Hike and Bike camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The sites will remain available until the facilities at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are opened. Each of the 3 campsites will be available to those people not utilizing motor vehicles for transportation to the park (parking on the highway and walking in is not permitted). Campsites will be available on a first come-first served basis with a maximum of 4 occupants per campsite. Hike and Bike camping fees are $5/night/person and payment is required upon entry to the park.

For park information please call (831) 667-2315 or online at

Soberanes Fire Day 17 Images; Big Sur

Mike here with a few images of the setting in Big Sur between Molera and Big Sur Station from late morning today. Pictures here don’t represent the stiff wind blowing from the north.


What appears to be a  USFS hand crew preparing a fuel break of some sort from an established path just south of Big Sur Station about 300 yards from Highway One.


Andrew Molera State Park parking lot is being used as a refueling station for engines, crew buses and utility vehicles.


Four water dropping helicopters are ferrying water to the peaks above Big Sur Valley from a source provided by El Sur Ranch close to Andrew Molera State Park boundary.


Two water dropping Sikorsky skycranes are working together south of where the smaller copters are working. They were observed dropping loads  behind Mt Manuel. They may be reloading in the ocean off Pfeiffer.


Andrew Molera prescribed burn

Andrew Molera State Park Prescribed Burn 10/2013

What: California State Parks is planning to conduct a prescribed burn in Andrew Molera State Park in Big Sur.

When: Burning will occur after enough rain has fallen that the majority of the vegetation within drainages surrounding the burn plots will not carry fire, but grasslands and some coyote brush will burn at a low to moderate intensity. If meteorological conditions are favorable, this will occur during the second half of October through the first half of December.

Why: We are burning this project area in order to manage for native grasslands (Coastal Prairie) that exist within Andrew Molera State Park. This very diverse plant community is rare in California and has been largely replaced by European annual grassland, coastal scrub and chaparral. Our intent is to slow the growth of coyote brush and non-native grasses in parts of northeastern and southwestern Andrew Molera State Park (see map), where healthy stands of Coastal Prairie exist.

Who: This prescribed burn will be conducted by the California State Parks Central Coast Prescribed Burn Team. This crew has extensive prescribed burning experience in parks throughout the central and northern California Coast. Support will also be provided by at least two of the following agencies: Cal Fire, North Tree Fire/El Sur Ranch, U.S. Forest Service and Big Sur Fire Brigade.

Where: The 350 acre Molera Native Grasslands Restoration site is divided into 12 burn plots, which have been burned or will be burned separately (see map). This year we hope to burn Plots 6, 7, 8, 9 on the east side of Hwy 1, a total of approximately 70 acres.

More information: A Cal Fire Burning Permit, a Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District Smoke Management Permit, and a Coastal Development Permit have been issued for this project. In addition, a Mitigated Negative Declaration, a Biological Survey Report and several plant and animal surveys have been completed. If you have questions or comments, please call Jeff Frey at 384-0956.