Soberanes Fire Day 17 Images; Big Sur

Mike here with a few images of the setting in Big Sur between Molera and Big Sur Station from late morning today. Pictures here don’t represent the stiff wind blowing from the north.


What appears to be a  USFS hand crew preparing a fuel break of some sort from an established path just south of Big Sur Station about 300 yards from Highway One.


Andrew Molera State Park parking lot is being used as a refueling station for engines, crew buses and utility vehicles.


Four water dropping helicopters are ferrying water to the peaks above Big Sur Valley from a source provided by El Sur Ranch close to Andrew Molera State Park boundary.


Two water dropping Sikorsky skycranes are working together south of where the smaller copters are working. They were observed dropping loads  behind Mt Manuel. They may be reloading in the ocean off Pfeiffer.


13 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire Day 17 Images; Big Sur

  1. Excellent photographs, Mike. Have you seen any planes dropping retardant, or is it too bloody windy to hit a target?

  2. No fixed wing aircraft dropping and only one heard closer to the activity near Little Sur River canyon as I was heading north. I left there at noon and the smoke was thick. Total 7 helicopters by my count. One looked to be doing reconnaissance. (thanks on the pics Terry)

  3. beautiful shots, Mike! From Pfeiffer Ridge, I’ve heard almost entirely just the helicopters all day. The smoke has lessened considerably this afternoon, enough to see the helicopters dropping the water along the fire line just below (south of) the ridgeline. There are/have been a bunch of fire observation folks at the “turnout” at the crest of Clear Ridge Rd below the Eisner’s all day.

  4. Oh boy, just what we need, stiff winds blowing it into the yet to be burned area!

  5. looking from cooper pt toward apple pie 4pm to now 7pm…seeing huge plume…copters making quick turn arounds for the past three hours… picking up water at cooper beach and dropping into the plume above apple pie.

  6. 11pm looking east from clear ridge…three hot spots…mt manual , not sure location but in the area aprox above ripplewood, and area above apple pie…pretty much the same locations as 3am this morning.

  7. If anyone in Big Sur needs help with clearance or anything feel free to e-mail me at I have all the tools and experience to help I also have fire hose and other equipment for fire suppression.

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