Soberanes Fire, Day 38, 8/28/16

7:00 pm – Okay, I am back. I was off to Carmel Valley to the Folktales Winery for a lovely afternoon of music, wine, food, and great people. I met so many people I had only “met” online before. It was a real treat, and so nice to take the day off. In any event, there is a community meeting at MAF tomorrow night, and a new evac warning issued which I posted separately. Here is the meeting notice;


9:00 am – photo back behind Partington taken by Sula Nichols’s daughter Layla. So sad.


9:00 am – finally got the IR Topo map up this morning.


IR Topo Map link to PDF

There is no available IR Topo map this morning at 5:30 am. I will try again later, but Today, starting about 10 am, I will be offline much of the day so that I can attend the Folktales Winery Soberanes Fire Fundraiser.

Here is the South Ops Map:


So Ops Map in PDF

Here are the Fire and Weather Behavior forecasts for today: