Lost Dog – Highlands

Hi, I am reaching out to your for your help. I hear you have been successful in reuniting lost animals with owners.

I live on Spindrift and a family and their 2 dogs that were evacuated from the valley are staying with us. Around noon today, one of the dogs ran out the front door all the way to Hwy. 1 and turned left in front of the Highlands Inn. Many people saw him as he continued down to the general store and began running up Corona Rd. At this point we lost sight of him. He’s a very friendly cream Bichon whose name is Chase but his tag says Chewy.

Can you offer any assistance of getting the word out? We would so appreciate it. The owner is Aubrey and her number is (831) 818-1799.

Here is a photo of Chase:



Cause of Soberanes Fire

There will be a press release at 3 pm to release information about the cause of the Soberanes Fire. I will post here.


The illegal campfire that started the Soberanes Fire (57 homes destroyed, one firefighter fatality, over 43,000 acres burned) was discovered at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, July 22, a few miles from the highway on the Soberanes Trail in Garrapata State Park. While state, federal and local officials look for the people responsible for igniting that campfire, they are asking the public to call 1-800-468-4408 with ANY big or minor details that could help.

Let’s get these irresponsible, uncaring, unconscious idiots, folks. SHARE. PUBLICLY.

Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – local reports

7:57 pm from Mary Martin in Cachagua. Seems like a fitting one to end with, unless I get something I feel compelled to post. A day away is no fun when I am driving in the crazy traffic with crazy tourists for 4 and 1/2 hours.


Fresno Fire Engine being towed by two Cal Fire Dozers:


From Aletha Parker on Saddle Mountain watching the back fire behind White Rock and Rancho San Clemente.


5:30 pm – these photos were taken this afternoon from approximately 3:30 to 5:00 pm by Sandy O’Keefe Bellamy from Laurels Grade. All indications are this was a planned back burn – looks like an awfully large back burn.

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8:30 am – from Bruce Dormandy at Rancho San Clemente:

“This is the back fire on the unnamed ridge which is now Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District open space (formerly the Los Compadres Ranch) This break is key to protecting the Cachugua. This burned very hot last evening as it backed down to the Carmel River.”


6:50 am – Today I need to do a supply run to the South. I will be leaving around 9-10 am or so. The first hour of my trip is in a dead zone, no cell. Then I will be in range for most of the day, but on and offline, as I accomplish my various stops – we all know the drill. These kinds of supply runs generally take 7 hours or so, given that travel time is often up to 4 hours with traffic. Mike will be taking care of approving comments and whatever else needs watching, and Lucas has already started getting the maps up for you and will continue to add to that, as necessary. You can still send things to me, and at each stop, I will check and forward to Mike if non-map related, and to Lucas if map-related. I’m ever so greatful for the help, but still not quite used to having “staff.” Let’s hope this is a great fire-fighting day.

IR flight for 0230 hours shows 43,434 acres for a growth of 2707 acres since the last flight.

Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – Maps & IR Log

See comments and local reports for current discussion. See Infrared Images for the updated Fire Edge (as of 2:30am on 8/2/16 – maps are released once a day). See Weather Discussion and Fire Behavior Forecast (below) for fire predictions. See Operations Map for Divisions. Map links will open full-size PDF’s. To ZOOM in from a desktop computer hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +).

Briefing Map: BAM

Situation Map (previous fire outlines): SITUATION

Elevations Map (hills and valleys in different colors): ELEVATIONS

Satellite heat detection discussion here: xasauan today

Mapping Support link: Mapping Support (similar to Google Earth, provided by Adam Clark)

Weather information (blue WX rectangles): MesoWest (provided by Larry) See SC07 Central Coast – 8 IRAWS – UTC/GMT time zone is 7 hours ahead.

Live Air Traffic: Flight Radar 24

Infrared Topo (full-size PDF here: IR_Topo)IR Topo.jpgInfrared with Satellite Image (full-size PDF here: IR_Ortho)IR Ortho.jpgInfrared Loglog

Weather Forcast

0001.jpgFire Behavior Forcast0002.jpg

Day by day expansion of the fire perimeter 7/26-8/2 for the active burning SE corner courtesy of John Chesnut. As always, please remember that false readings do occur.Tuesday.jpgAnd the approach to South Fork Little Sur off Pico BlancoTuesday Pico Blanco.jpg

Operations Map North (full-size PDF here: Ops_North)Ops_North-1Operations Map South (full-size PDF here: Ops_South)Ops_South-1.jpg

LegendLegendPublic Information Map (full-size PDF here: PIO)PIO-1.jpg

Dozer Maps (select map to open preview, “view full-size” link located below preview)

Dozer Carmel:

Dozer Seco:

Dozer Sur: