Lost Dog – Highlands

Hi, I am reaching out to your for your help. I hear you have been successful in reuniting lost animals with owners.

I live on Spindrift and a family and their 2 dogs that were evacuated from the valley are staying with us. Around noon today, one of the dogs ran out the front door all the way to Hwy. 1 and turned left in front of the Highlands Inn. Many people saw him as he continued down to the general store and began running up Corona Rd. At this point we lost sight of him. He’s a very friendly cream Bichon whose name is Chase but his tag says Chewy.

Can you offer any assistance of getting the word out? We would so appreciate it. The owner is Aubrey and her number is (831) 818-1799.

Here is a photo of Chase:



13 thoughts on “Lost Dog – Highlands

  1. Shared with Facebook friends in the area. Fingers crossed we find him soon.

  2. Hi, I live in San Benancio, and I saw a dog similar to the one on the picture wandering up the road yesterday morning. We live about 3 and a half miles up San Benancio. I called him but it just looked at me and headed back up the road. Another lady passed it in her car, and turned around too try to catch it, but it wouldn’t let her. I have not seen it since.

  3. Just came in to see if this fur fam had been found – I posted on fb two days ago, and some friends shared it there too – glad to see Kelli asked above today too, and that Kate, you’ve asked to be notified so you can update us . . . bummed that you haven’t been yet; sure hope they find him.

  4. Chase is back home on his bed, tired as all get-out! Thank you Kate and everyone for your help finding our dog! Your love, kindness, and thoughts mean a lot to us!

  5. And thanks so much to Alan for remembering my post re Chase and contacting me and Audrey re spotting him. So glad this had a happy ending for you and for Chase.

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