Soberanes Fire, Day 27, 8/17/16 – Local Reports

7 pm update – the Soberanes fire did not increase in either acreage or containment today. Still sitting at 76,683 acres and 60%.

5:30 pm – I am back, finished my SLO trip, but a few AHs from the Car Week didn’t want me to. There were Porcses , Lamborghini’s, Ferrarris, and even an Audi racing each other up Highway One through Cambria and beyond. Two of them almost sideswiped me during an illegal pass. I called those suckers in.

From Jeffrey Carmichael, taken at 5:00 of the burn out operation from Torre, moving south to Cold Springs Dozer line. If you do not know where this is, check out the dozer map link Lucas provides at the end of each Maps, etc. post



7 am – Today, I am concerned about the Blue Cut Fire, now at over 30,000 acres, not our own, which still sits at over 76,000,  but even so, I had planned to go meet Rock Knocker in San Luis today and stock up on some fresh produce and milk and things, so at 9 or so, I go into the no man’s land of cell service, and I leave it up to you to bring each other up to date on what is happening with the fire closer to home. I’ll check back in when I get to SLO about 11.

Soberanes Fire, Day 27, 8/17/16 – Maps, etc.

To give you an idea of where the Soberanes Fire is burning, we’ve included maps that are updated daily. These maps are provided by Cal Fire/US Forest Service.

The latest Heat Perimeter was detected yesterday at 8:53 pm. Growth last period: 666 Acres. All of the perimeter growth occurred in the Southeastern Southwester and the South.

We’ve also included the Weather Forecast, Fire Behavior Forecast and various links that you may find useful. Note: Operation Maps are now located in the CalFire/US Forest Service Links below. Additional Links have been moved to the end of the post. Some links may open large PDF documents.

Please see Local Reports for the current fire discussion.

Infrared Topo: IR_Topo0001.jpgInfrared Ortho: IR_Ortho0002.jpgSatellite map with IR overlay (provided by John Chestnut):Big Sur Wed AM Satellite

Weather Forecast0004.jpgFire Behavior Forecast0005Briefing Map: BAM0003.jpg

Cal Fire/ US Forest Service Links:

INCIDENT PLAN Complete Incident Plan as of 8/17/16. Note: PDF may take awhile to download

Ops_North Operations Map North as of 8/17/16

Ops_South Operations Map South as of 8/17/16

IAP MAP CARMEL Dozer Carmel as of 8/17/16

IAP MAP SECO Dozer Seco as of 8/17/16

IAP MAP SUR Dozer Sur as of 8/17/16

Public Information Map as of 8/17/16

Progression Map as of 8/17/16

Air Operations Map as of 8/17/16

AirOps_Retardant as of 8/17/16

Additional Links:

Xasauan Today Satellite heat detection discussion

Google Maps Adam Clark’s Google Map with most recent Dozer lines, IR flight overlay, and the Planned Fire Line. Note: You may need to be signed in to a Google account to view this link.

Mapping Support Same as above, but on USGS Topo Maps

MesoWest Weather stations that are located near the fire. Scroll down to S07 Central Coast IRAWS. See the Blue WX rectangles on the Ops maps for locations. There are currently 7 portable weather stations deployed.

Flight Radar 24 Live Air Traffic for the area.  Note: aircraft flying at low altitudes may not be detected.