Fundraiser at Golden State Theatre 8/12

Friday August 12th at 7 pm at the Golden State Theater in downtown Monterey
Acclaimed singer-songwriter Sharon van Etten w/ special guest Al Jardine (of the Beach Boys) and some very special guests.

Proceeds from the 850 still-to-be-sold tickets will to be distributed to the Soberanes Fire Relief Fund.

Residents who lost their homes will get free admission courtesy of Treebones. 💋

This is a chance to really help out! By getting together you will show your support for your neighbors in need as well as your support of the arts as a wonderful way for healing and health in our communities.

Ticket prices are: $35 (upper balcony), $55 (rear orchestra), $75 (lower balcony) and $100 (front orchestra).

Get your tickets here: Golden State Theater

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Soberanes Fire, Day 13, 8/3/16 – Local Reports

7:30 pm – this is happening right behind Cindra Brimsmead’s house in CV. It is a planned dozer movement.


6:15 pm – This does not look good – from my look-out bigsurkate


5:30 – from Laurels Grade photo by Sandra O’Keefe Bellamy:


5:25 pm – Photo take from Osborne Ridge by Lucas Ryan just now:


4:46 pm – the winds have really picked up down here in the last hour … Winds gusting to 13 mph. That has cleared out some of the smoke, but I hope it is not impacting the fire. I am seeing a much larger plume on the west side of the fire, and it is a little bit darker on the east side.

3:04 pm – current plume shot from Laureles Grade by i Sandra O’Keefe Bellamy

11:45 am – for those who are having trouble identifying landmarks, mountains, etc. Here is a great link a reader sent me that I will also add to the links on the right:

Uncle Sam’s Mountain maps

One of the things that is so great about this link is it is specific to Monterey. Before this fire, I had never heard of the mountain, Uncle Sam’s Mountain out there on the east side.

7:00 am – Print this out and take with you to Billy Quon’s “Sur” restaurant in the Barnyard:


6:30 am – Extremely smoky down here, can’t really tell what is going on. Lots of burn out operations yesterday in the Cachagua, White Rock, Racho San Clemente area and was posting photos all evening. I’m getting updates, which I will post shortly – I get them in FB PM, email, and easiest (for me) comments in our locals reports post each day. First, let me get this up so you have something to comment on!

A series of photos of the operations and back fire ing at Rancho San Clemente by Bruce Dormody are over on their FB page, with great explanations about the geography.

Soberanes Fire, Day 13, 8/3/16 – Maps & IR Log

Dozer Maps are now located in the links below. See comments and local reports for current discussion. See Infrared Images for the updated Fire Edge (as of 6:55pm on 8/2/16). See Weather Discussion and Fire Behavior Forecast (below) for fire predictions. Map links will open full-size PDF documents. To ZOOM in from a desktop computer hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +).

Satellite heat detection discussion here: Xasauan Today

Mapping Support link: Mapping Support (similar to Google Earth, provided by Adam Clark)

Weather Information (blue WX rectangles, see S07 for IRAWS): MesoWest (provided by Larry)

Live Air Traffic: Flight Radar 24

Dozer Carmel: CARMEL

Dozer Seco: SECO

Dozer Sur: SUR

Infrared Topo (full-size PDF here: IR_Topo)0002.jpg

Infrared with Satellite Image (full-size PDF here: IR_Ortho)0001.jpg

IR LogLog

Weather Forcast0001

Fire Behavior Forecast0002.jpg

Briefing Map:

Operations Map North (full-size PDF here: Ops_North)

Operations Map South (full-size PDF here: Ops_South)