Soberanes Fire, Day 13, 8/3/16 – Maps & IR Log

Dozer Maps are now located in the links below. See comments and local reports for current discussion. See Infrared Images for the updated Fire Edge (as of 6:55pm on 8/2/16). See Weather Discussion and Fire Behavior Forecast (below) for fire predictions. Map links will open full-size PDF documents. To ZOOM in from a desktop computer hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +).

Satellite heat detection discussion here: Xasauan Today

Mapping Support link: Mapping Support (similar to Google Earth, provided by Adam Clark)

Weather Information (blue WX rectangles, see S07 for IRAWS): MesoWest (provided by Larry)

Live Air Traffic: Flight Radar 24

Dozer Carmel: CARMEL

Dozer Seco: SECO

Dozer Sur: SUR

Infrared Topo (full-size PDF here: IR_Topo)0002.jpg

Infrared with Satellite Image (full-size PDF here: IR_Ortho)0001.jpg

IR LogLog

Weather Forcast0001

Fire Behavior Forecast0002.jpg

Briefing Map:

Operations Map North (full-size PDF here: Ops_North)

Operations Map South (full-size PDF here: Ops_South)


10 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 13, 8/3/16 – Maps & IR Log

  1. Gosh Kate, Lucas, Mike, Keith (Xasuan Today) and so many other good folks who are taking the time to share up-to-date info with others – you have to know what a positive impact you are having on our community!
    I awoke at 3:30, nervous about the fire, and was able to go to BigSurKate and pull up the latest maps for today – (thank you Lucas! you are not sleeping either!) – and carefully check out my area.
    I was greatly relieved to be able to find out that there is no increased danger in my area and that info is allowing me to go back to sleep to grab some much-needed Z’s.
    I was also able to read that there is a cooling trend coming on Thursday – weekend, which should slow things down – and this further relieved my anxiety.
    I really really appreciate the time and effort that you all are putting into getting the info to us quickly. I’m sure I’m not the only person up at 4:30 this morning – wondering what the day will be like.
    My heartfelt prayers go out to everyone who is affected by this fire – and all the critters too. I am sending out love to all, and sending prayers for protection for our brave and incredible firefighters. God Bless you all.

  2. Thank you so much for this middle of the night update!!! I wish you rest. Please feel my gratitude.

  3. Much more re-assuring map this morning. Can rachett the anxiety down a notch.

  4. Thanks for these! I’m so relieved to see that line bisecting Ventana Double Cone. Who knows if they can stop the fire there, but it’s great to see they’re at least going to try (right? Am I reading it correctly?)

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