Chimney Fire, 8/26/16

Noon – Here is the progressive map


Progressive Fire Map in PDF

John Chesnut Maps:


Am report:

#CHIMNEYFIRE: Here’s the full Cal Fire morning report, 7 a.m. Friday, Aug. 26

Chimney Fire
Incident Update
Date: 8/26/2016 Time: 6:00AM
Fire Information Line: 805-543-2444

Incident Start Date: 8/13/2016 Incident Start Time: 4:03 PM
Incident Type: Vegetation Fire Cause: Under Investigation (but Cal Fire has determined that the fire was not set deliberately.)
Incident Location: Chimney Rock Rd. & Running Deer Rd., South of Nacimiento Reservoir

Acreage: 45,008 acres Containment: 47%
Expected Containment: 09/03/2016 Injuries: 1
Structures Threatened: 1,898
Structures Destroyed: Residences 49 Other 21
Structures Damaged: 8

Engines: 328 Water Tenders: 69 Helicopters: 16 Air Tankers: 7 Hand Crews: 106 Dozers: 46 Other: 3 Total Personnel: 4,028

Cooperating Agencies: California Highway Patrol, California State Parks, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, Red Cross, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Conservation Corps, PG&E, San Luis Obispo Air Quality Board, San Luis Obispo Public Works, Paso Robles Fire Department, Monterey Co. Water Resource Board, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Army Camp Roberts, CAL-OES, San Luis Obispo County OES, Monterey County Sheriff, Monterey County OES, Fort Hunter Liggett, and Los Padres National Forest.

Overnight, the fire behavior remained active, but cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity helped firefighters increase containment lines throughout the night. Today, anticipated onshore low-level flow will strengthen, with a deeper marine layer, leading to lower temperatures. The Hearst Castle and Hearst Castle Infrastructure remain threatened.
Threats remain with evacuation orders to Oak Shores, Christmas Cove, Cal Shasta, Bryson Hesperia and Lake San Antonio.
As with all evacuation orders and warnings, these are implemented for the safety of the public and firefighters. Fire personnel are working in extreme fire conditions around the clock to contain and control the fire. Please do your part to be prepared to evacuate by visiting Unified command with Fort Hunter Liggett and Los Padres
National Forest.

Evacuations: Evacuation orders were lifted for the communities of Tri-County, Cal Shasta, Rancho Del Lago, and South Shore
Village on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM. Property owners and residents of the Tri-County, Cal-Shasta, Rancho Del Lago and South Shore Village Ranch Communities are asked to carry a government issued identification card, current utility bill, or other similar evidence showing an address within Tri-County, Cal-Shasta, Rancho Del Lago, and South Shore Village.
Evacuation orders remain in place for Christmas Cove, Oak Shores, North Shore Boat and Ski, Laguna Vista, Lake San Antonio, Sapaqua Valley, and Bryson Hesperia in both San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties. Members of the general public are asked to avoid the Tri-County, Cal-Shasta, Rancho Del Lago, and South Shore Village area due to large numbers of fire resources in the area and to respect private property rights of these communities.

KATHE’S NOTE: After some confusion late Thursday, Aug. 25, (me getting a different report from a Cal Fire spokesman than my Tribune colleague was given a little earlier in the evening), Cal Fire officials confirmed that the evacuation warning remains in effect on San Simeon Creek Road, Van Gordon Creek Road, Keystone Mine Road and Red Mountain Road. I’ll check in a while to make sure that’s still the case.

Evacuation Centers:
Flamson Middle School Small Animals – Chimney Fire Animal Shelter can be contacted at (805)423-4934
2405 Spring Street Large Animals – Horse Emergency Evacuation Team (HEET) 805-466-7457
Paso Robles, CA 93446 Large and Small Animals – Chimney Fire Animal Relief (805)423-4934

Road & Waterway Closures:
G14 Interlake Road from Lake Nacimiento Dam to Bryson Hesperia Road. Traffic control points are being manned by CHP at Interlake Road at Bryson Hesperia Road, as well as Interlake Road at Lake Nacimiento. Las Tables arm on Lake Nacimiento is closed. All boating activity is closed west of the Las Tables arm on Lake Nacimiento, including all vessel launching west of Las Tables arm on Lake Nacimiento.

7:00 am – Chilly, and not as smokey as I am sure it will get later in the am. Right now, I can actually see Cone Peak and Willow Creek Top, which hasn’t been the usual up here.


IR Interpretation Map in PDF


IR Top Map 2 in PDF


Ops Map in PDF

Soberanes Fire, Day 36, 8/26/16

Noon: Here is the progression map from the inception until this morning’s mapping:


and for you purists, here is the link:Progressive Map link to PDG

John Chesnut maps:


7:45 am – Just in this report from Joelene who attended last night’s meeting at Cachagua Store:
“Howdy the briefing last evening was very informative. Many concerned residents from Tassajara showed up. The USFS is going to take over this fire Friday, but Cal Fire is here to stay as long as this fire is active. Operations will work on the bounds of fire lines. Strike teams are at structures in Miller Canyon and Pine Valley. Please know that while the USFS has a different approach or tactics, Cal Fire is here to stay and protect us. In order for them to help us we must help them. If you feel lack of communication is occurring, contact 8312040446. Or e mail if still no return response, keep trying. As their priority is lives first, structures are close behind. They work closer to the current fire breaks and as the fire moves closer, the crews move outward to structures and properties. Those who have yellow paper that says undefendable, please contact a Cal Fire official and ask them to reassess the place, especially if you have done more clearing work. They are not abandoning anyone. They need to be able to protect what is accessible. They need to be able to enter your property AND turn around, especially up Tassajara. Right now warning evacuation remains, and roads are open. You can come and go, with vigilance that this is apt to change suddenly. With all due respect, Cal Fire is working with the sheriff department on communications for a window advance notice of twelve hours of a hard or soft closure, IF back firing operations make the decision to back fire Henningson Ridge. It may not have to be done. With the good old fog walking in, the fire has been low and slow burning, making it easier for fire crews and personnel’s to work it…. Much to our long standing patience….. Cal Fire and all the fire technicians appreciate your patience and support. As much as you do, they want this fire to be beaten as soon as possible and it will come to pass. Just a bit longer. Please continue your wonderful support and patience.”

6:30 am – This is becoming surreal … Day 36. Five weeks, down – now starting the 6th week of monitoring this fire. Lots of fog on the coast, pretty thick, this am, with the smoke sitting on top of that. AND, it is amazingly cool, almost cold. At least I can see Cone Peak, this am.

First up – the IR Topo map and link:


Link to IR Topo Map in PDF


So Ops link to PDF Map

And here are the fire behavior and weather predictions. These come from much larger reports, so they are screen shots, and there are no direct links to these pages.