5 thoughts on “Thanks, Firefighters

  1. From up here in the Rocky Mountains (Cascade, Idaho) Jana and I have been sending our prayers for all who have suffered loss to the wildfire disaster back in Big Sur. We hope that our friends who live in the North Coast area got through with their homes safe. I send my deepest respect and commendations to all the firefighters who have worked so hard in the heat and smoke, against all odds…Yeah, that means you, Murdock, Josh, Jon, and all the rest of you. When I get back to the Pacific Valley School in the Fall, I think I’ll have the kids and I make another mural, thanking y’all!

  2. Agree! And thanks not only to the fire fighters on the front lines, but to everyone who has been involved, the Governor, the dozer operators, the water tender drivers, the pilots, the mechanics, law enforcement officers, the rangers, the guardsmen, the weather forecasters, the IR map interpreters, the GIS specialists, the OES admins, the volunteers… everyone who has helped, – Thank you!

  3. My wife and I live in Carmel. We think of all of you and are hearts are with you along with the home owners and many animals living in the area. WE pray every day for good weather. All the best.
    Doane and Sahara Hoag

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