Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – Maps & IR Log

See comments and local reports for current discussion. See Infrared Images for the updated Fire Edge (as of 2:30am on 8/2/16 – maps are released once a day). See Weather Discussion and Fire Behavior Forecast (below) for fire predictions. See Operations Map for Divisions. Map links will open full-size PDF’s. To ZOOM in from a desktop computer hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +).

Briefing Map: BAM

Situation Map (previous fire outlines): SITUATION

Elevations Map (hills and valleys in different colors): ELEVATIONS

Satellite heat detection discussion here: xasauan today

Mapping Support link: Mapping Support (similar to Google Earth, provided by Adam Clark)

Weather information (blue WX rectangles): MesoWest (provided by Larry) See SC07 Central Coast – 8 IRAWS – UTC/GMT time zone is 7 hours ahead.

Live Air Traffic: Flight Radar 24

Infrared Topo (full-size PDF here: IR_Topo)IR Topo.jpgInfrared with Satellite Image (full-size PDF here: IR_Ortho)IR Ortho.jpgInfrared Loglog

Weather Forcast

0001.jpgFire Behavior Forcast0002.jpg

Day by day expansion of the fire perimeter 7/26-8/2 for the active burning SE corner courtesy of John Chesnut. As always, please remember that false readings do occur.Tuesday.jpgAnd the approach to South Fork Little Sur off Pico BlancoTuesday Pico Blanco.jpg

Operations Map North (full-size PDF here: Ops_North)Ops_North-1Operations Map South (full-size PDF here: Ops_South)Ops_South-1.jpg

LegendLegendPublic Information Map (full-size PDF here: PIO)PIO-1.jpg

Dozer Maps (select map to open preview, “view full-size” link located below preview)

Dozer Carmel:

Dozer Seco:

Dozer Sur:


22 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 12, 8/2/16 – Maps & IR Log

  1. The areas that are showing heat off on their own, away from the main fire, in the southeast corner are most likely from the back burning Cal Fire did on the San Clemente Rancho property yesterday.

  2. The back burning near the San Clemente Rancho is shown where it’s supposed to be (although IR shows it over the San Clemente Trail fire break). It’s the flare up next to Cachagua Grade (above Former San Clemente Dam) that is news. This fire is also shown on the IR as crossing over a fire break.

    Zoom in here: Mapping Support

  3. Lucas,
    Cal Fire did an extensive back burn at the southeast end of the fire and off Cachuaga Road yesterday. It stayed behind dozer lines. I could see it all from Sky Ranch Road area under evacuation warning because of the planned back burn. That new spot not san clement is probably from the planned event.

  4. From the San Clemente Rancho Facebook Page, written by Bruce Dormody, “Day one of lots of back firing complete. We started the day by inspecting the existing fire which was on Ponciano Ridge (near the Bass Lake) it was burning really calmly under the forest, cleaning all the deadwood off the forest floor. By early afternoon Cal Fire finally had decent conditions to start a massive amount of back fires. From the Cachagua (on MPRPD lands…formerly knows as Los Compadres Ranch) through our place and up San Clemente Ridge back towards White Rock. That is about 5 miles of firelines needed to be back fired. We will truly be ringed by fire. They worked carefully around our family home where Erik & Heidi live and Hanks place…Burnt all around the Bass lake and back ridges but seemed to have stopped in the old San Clemente Dam area due to unfavorable conditions. As I understand it, they will continue today including the sensitive and critical area up the waterfall trail…This is where we will be most vulnerable to spot fires and it entering into the cabin area.”

  5. Also from the San Clemente Rancho Facebook Page. This is describing a picture Bruce posted: “This is the back fire on the unnamed ridge which is now Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District open space (formerly the Los Compadres Ranch) This break is key to protecting the Cachugua. This burned very hot last evening as it backed down to the Carmel River.”

  6. I am intersted in more on palo colardo canyon specifically brandon creek. thank you!

  7. Marty I live on Brandon Creek near PC road. Last I heard it was unburned, backburning was occuring 3-4 days ago toward green ridge. There was still smoldering and the local FD was on it protecting what they could. There were also emergency water tanks being filled there. so it seems the area is manned regularly. Since I live there I have been cheking the maps everyday and the red spots have been gone, from this specific location, for 3-4 days now. The area is cooling down.

  8. Link shares interesting article & short video in SJ News featuring Bruce Dormody – and their energetic battle to protect their 2600 acres –
    “Even as smoke veils the valley, the three Dormody brothers — Bruce, Hank and Eric — are working 15-hour stretches, with some staff, to build four more new fire lines, and clearing more “defensible” space around each cabin. When a truck broke, matriarch Donna, age 83, drove 30 circuitous miles to Salinas to pick up parts.”

  9. thank u so much. we have property on brandon creek. we live in washington and it is dificult to tell details from the news we hear. Norm cotton is a dear friend of my husband bob albee. he has been imposible to reach as we would expect!!

  10. Yeah, the Dormody’s were kind of on their own for the first 5 days of the fire and starting dozing, on their own, almost immediately after it began on the 22nd. They even convinced Cal Fire to adopt their defensive strategy. Those precious early days of planning, clearing and dozing has hopefully paid off for them.

  11. What does the solid black line mean in the maps. In the key it is called a “completed line.” What is a completed line?

  12. It is definitely Bruce in the SF Mercury News Video.
    I thought the solid black line meant a containment line.

  13. Correction – yes it is Bruce Dormody. Sorry Mike and others. Someone wrote to tell me I was mistaken….
    Let me give a huge shout out to Bruce and his brothers and Mom and their whole crew for their positive, “do what you can do” attitude with the fire…. and I have heard they are seriously “kicking ####” out there – power on!

    Much to be admired of this whole wonderful local family who have done so much for the Peninsula for so many years. We hope you will let us know if you are accepting volunteers to help you.

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